, 2017-05-15 14:52:25

Put the Amarok V6 through its paces.

Driving around the block is hardly a test for an Aussie ute, and particularly not the Amarok V6 - the most powerful ute in its class. So we’re giving you the chance to really get to know the Amarok V6 Turbo Diesel – with an extended test drive of up to 72 hours. That way you can really put it to the test, rather than being stuck in traffic with everybody else. 

Get to feel the power.

Get to feel the power.

This extended test drive will give you a chance to discover the true performance of the 3.0 litre V6 Turbo Diesel engine, which delivers 165kW of power and 180kW on Overboost, that’s 33kW more power than our nearest competitor. Throw in 550Nm of torque and there’s nothing it can’t tackle.

Put the Amarok to the test.

Own the weekend

It doesn’t matter how tough the conditions are, you’ll ride it out in comfort. With up to three days to test drive it, you’ll have time to test out all the features that make the Amarok the best in class. Throw the surfboards or a bike in the back and take it up the coast for the weekend, or even use it drop your boat into your favourite fishing spot. The Amarok V6 will tackle it all with ease.

Book an extended test drive today and experience the Amarok V6 Turbo Diesel on your terms.


Complete the Amarok V6 extended test drive form and your local Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dealer will be in contact to arrange a suitable time. 

Alternatively, contact your local dealer directly to arrange a time that suits you.

This is only available at participating dealers. Please contact your local dealer to determine if the extended test drive is available.

An Amarok V6 Highline automatic will be made available for this test drive. However, this may vary based on model availability at your local dealer.

The extended test drive promotion will run until the 30th November 2017.

All drivers must be over 21 years of age and hold a valid Australian driver’s licence, learner licences will not be accepted.

Multiple drivers are permitted. However, all drivers must be registered and approved at the time of handover with your dealer. If drivers are not registered they will not be insured for any accidents or damage caused to the vehicle.

1 to 3 days, depending on availability at your local dealer.

Your local dealer may require a security bond before driving the vehicle, this will be discussed with you prior to booking in. The security bond will be refunded at the time of return, provided no damage has been incurred.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee vehicles will be available at the time of your request, however our dealers will work with you to find a suitable time for your test drive.

A maximum of 500 kilometres per test drive applies, or per instructions from your dealer.

The vehicle will be provided with fuel at the time of pick up, it is your responsibility to fill up as required during your extended test drive.

Your vehicle will be fitted with a genuine Volkswagen tow bar, and you will be able to tow as long as comply with the manufacturer’s towing capacity.

Driving on all sealed roads is permitted. Extreme off-road driving is not permitted. All other restrictions are to be discussed with your local dealer. This will vary depending on individual dealer’s requirements and insurance requirements.

If you are at fault for any accident you will be required to pay an excess based on your local dealer’s insurance terms and conditions.

If you are at fault for any accident you will be required to pay an excess based on your local dealer’s insurance terms and conditions.

Yes, it is your responsibility to pay for all costs associated when the car is in your possession, so don’t forget your relevant e-tag. Dealers may ask to see this on handover.

You will be liable for all fines incurred during the extended test drive.

Animals are permitted in the car during the extended test drive.

Smoking within the vehicle is not permitted at any time. All road rules must be abided by. Modifications are not permitted. This includes adding or removing accessories to or from the vehicle. Vehicle must not be used for any business purposes. Drivers must comply with the Amarok V6’s operating requirements as outlined in the Owner’s Manual.

Please contact your local dealer to discuss in further detail.