, 2017-05-15 14:52:25


What is App-Connect?

With Volkswagen App-Connect you can access selected apps on your in-car infotainment system.
This is where road safety meets seamless interactivity, with colour touchscreen and intuitive hands-free functionality.

With Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, contacts from your compatible smartphone show up right on your dash. Siri® and Google Voice™ devices allow you to make calls, compose and send messages and even ask your smartphone for information.

We make the future a reality

Answer messages, listen to voicemail, connect to a meeting and find your destination while driving.


Listen to your favorite music playlist, watch videos from your phone and enjoy your favourite authors.

Choose your platform

App-Connect comes standard in all Volkswagen Hatches, Sedans, Performance Vehicles, SUVs (excluding Toureg) and Multivan from 2016 onwards, and in the Amarok from 2017 onwards.

App-Connect is optional in the Caravelle, Caddy and Transporter Cab Chassis from 2016 onwards.

Volkswagen App-Connect requires a USB connection and is not Bluetooth® compatible. To connect, simply plug-in your smartphone via the vehicle's USB jack.