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The sights and sounds of a festival.

Tim Robson

The Birdsville Big Red Bash is a relatively new music festival that’s held in the shadow of Big Red, one of Australia’s longest sand dunes – and the desert throws up its characters.

Australia's newest and most expensive tasting room.

Paul Murrell

South Australian writer, Paul Murrell, points a Golf 7.5 110TDI Highline towards wine country to spy the region’s latest, and arguably most impressive, spectacle.

Orange unpeeled.

Tatyana Leonov

A road trip to Orange is all about food, nature and relaxation for Tatyana Leonov.

Ocean Odyssey.

Diane Norris

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of heading off in the dark of morning knowing the sun will greet you as you head towards a place you’ve been many times before – a familiar place – a special place – one that welcomes you with open arms and its beckoning serenity, purity and natural beauty. No matter which route you choose, travelling to Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast (about a 2.5 hours' drive from Sydney) is a scenic treat.

A golden day.

Iain Curry

Seeking winter sun and relaxation on the ocean-lined road to Noosa.

Around Port Phillip Bay in a day.

Brent Davison

Every October for the last 24 years Victorian cyclists have been doing something commendably good and remarkably crazy – a charity bike ride around Port Phillip Bay.

Finding the right road again.

Tim Robson

Taking a road trip to get away from – and come back to – reality can be a sobering journey, as Tim Robson finds out.

Multivan, a nod to nostalgia.

Carla Grossetti

The new Vollkswagen Multivan Generation 6 celebrates the nostalgia Australians have for an old-fashioned road trip. Carla Grossetti heads north from Sydney to Byron Bay to find that as well as turning heads, the family-friendly Volkswagen offers the best in modern luxuries.

Fresh Family Adventure in the Blue Mountains.

Stephanie Williams

In the early 1800s the crisp air of the Blue Mountains was promoted as an essential health tonic, purported to be ‘ozone rich’ and filled with the vapour of eucalypt. Today, it’s still the cure of many ills - and for my little Sydney family it’s our weekend go-to as a quick escape to slow down. From exploring village life and parks, lunching in the quaint cafes and filling our lungs on the many walking tracks, the Blue Mountains is still just the right medicine.

Mountain highs.

Tim Robson

The trip to Thredbo is more than just a commute across some of Australia’s most beautiful countryside; it’s a chance to reflect on life.

Mudgee magic.

Tatyana Leonov

When I was young, road trips usually meant havoc… generally of the fun kind, but havoc nonetheless. I am one of four children and my parents would pile us into the trusty family wagon and we’d set off. We stopped frequently, sang dreadfully, laughed a lot, and fought a little. It was a heap of fun, but the word relaxing does not come to mind when I reminisce.

Trip to Birdsville.

Tim Robson

Tim Robson joins a Volkswagen Australia trip to the outback town of Birdsville aboard a car that wants to claim its place in the outback. Straight lines. As we howl into Broken Hill aboard the noisiest plane I’ve flown on ever, what amazes me as we fly 12,000m over outback NSW are the orange-red dirt roads that intersect the grey-green mottled landscape.