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Volkswagen expands its online ordering capability

Latest news

Volkswagen expands its online ordering capability

19 May 2020

Volkswagen has expanded its already successful online configuration and purchasing capability by adding scope for customers to purchase directly from Dealer stock

All new Volkswagen from the Polo city car to the Amarok V6 are included in the enhanced online purchase process. When the car is configured to personal requirements and the $500 deposit put down, the designated dealer makes contact within 48 hours to complete the purchase and manage delivery.

From today, customers will also be able to place a $500 deposit directly on vehicles listed on Volkswagen’s recently released Stock-Locator tool.

Later this week in-stock vehicles not currently allocated to Dealers will also be made visible.

“This works for the customer in terms of greatly increasing choice and further enhancing ease of purchase,” Volkswagen Director Customer Experience and Marketing Jason Bradshaw said.

“Our Dealership Partners, which are always the completion point of purchase and delivery, also directly benefit from these enhancements, ensuring that they are able to fulfil their customers’ needs in an even more timely manner.   

“The degree of flexibility and interactivity in Volkswagen’s online ordering capability is unmatched by certain comparable brands. There is additional functionality in development to further advance the experience for customers.”

Volkswagen has continued to refine its online capability since making the T‑Roc compact sporting SUV (arriving in late August) available for online pre-order in January. Mr Bradshaw said that since the trade-in valuation component of the site came online four weeks ago, more than 1000 people had submitted their details and agreed to dealer contact.

“Those are leads that our dealers would not otherwise have had,” Mr Bradshaw said.

“While it is reassuring that 54% of these valuations have been completed by existing Volkswagen customers, it’s encouraging that the remainder are being completed by owners of rival brands.”  

All new Volkswagen come with five year factory warranty and a choice of service packs.

Today Volkswagen joins the Click Frenzy Mayhem campaign that offers participants of leading brands exclusive savings on selected models.