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Volkswagen Golf R – Volkswagen Australia


What is a hatch?

Hatchbacks do it all. They signal fun, practicality, versatility and freedom. For many, a hatch will be the first car they will own, while for others, it will be the tried and trusted sidekick, ready to carry family and friends around town and beyond. Hatches come in all shapes and sizes, but few have the pedigree of Volkswagen’s iconic range, which has thrilled owners across the globe for generations. With the feel of a larger car, but the maneuverability and smooth performance packed into the turbocharged engines, you’ll be off and away in no time. Five doors, one statement, powerful style.

Versatile and surprisingly spacious.

When faced with a choice of some of the most beloved hatches on the market, what sets the Volkswagen’s hatch range apart from the competition?

Modern Classics.


Every generation of Volkswagen hatch distinguishes it from the rest, and the latest is no different. With its eye-catchingly sleek, low, wide stance and strong lines, our hatches capture the style of all collections. Both inside and out, they may be small, but they are premium models known as much for their durability as they are their strikingly good looks.

Volkswagen Infotainment Display – Volkswagen Australia

Embracing the future.



Packed with the latest premium technology, Volkswagen hatches feel years ahead of their time. Marking them out as fully functional vehicles, a wide range of driver-orientated standard features and cutting-edge options are backed by under-the-hood innovations, like Volkswagen’s BlueMotion Technology. In its hatches, Volkswagen brings technology that is usually only found in much larger sedans, like the 8” infotainment system and App-Connect


Multi Collision Breaking

No compromise.



Both of Volkswagen’s hatches are among the safest in their category and feature a comforting array of active and passive safety features that inspire great confidence. Multi-collision braking is designed to prevent follow-on collisions, while Traction and Braking Control mark the vehicles out as a genuine safe space. Add to this Rear View Camera1, Driver Fatigue Detection1, and an array of airbags, and Volkswagen’s commitment to safety is clear. 


Volkswagen Engine – Volkswagen Australia

Hot hatches.


Each embracing turbocharged petrol and diesel technology, Volkswagen hatches deliver power with supreme efficiency. The highly responsive performance of both models is ideal for all conditions—both in the city and out on the open road - and is matched by Volkswagen’s dedication to fuel economy. These models have continually set the performance benchmark that others are destined to follow.

Volkswagen Hatch Dashboard – Volkswagen Australia

Beautiful on the inside.


Volkswagen’s hatches have a well-deserved reputation for being driver-focused cars, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on creature comforts. Interiors are pleasing to the eye, comfortable on the body and soothing to the nerves, while a balance of comfort, style and ergonomics is maintained. All of this comes with unmatched durability baked into each vehicle.

Volkswagen Polo – Volkswagen Australia

No limits.


Volkswagen continues to prove that a car doesn’t need to be big to be luxurious. All vehicles come with an exhaustive list of standard features and options that far belie their size. In terms of technology, comfort and appearance, substance meets style in Volkswagen’s hatches.

Volkswagen’s hatch models.

Volkswagen Polo – Volkswagen Australia

Small and perfectly formed.

Volkswagen Polo


Though the smallest model in the Volkswagen range, the Polo punches above its weight in every way. Nimble and fuel efficient, and packed full of features that many bigger models would envy, it is a car designed for exploring surroundings and embracing freedom. Enjoy 15-inch alloy wheels, Rear View Camera1 technology and more. Who said good things don’t come in small packages? 


Volkswagen Golf – Volkswagen Australia

Enduring classic.

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf continues to set trends 40 years after it became established as the first “hot hatch”. Thanks to its reputation for perfect proportions, clean lines and unmistakable European styling, this popular pick continues to raise the bar. Experience turbocharged petrol engines, touchscreen technology and cutting-edge entertainment systems - the Golf offers a striking level of design, legendary durability and exhilarating performance.

Some features may not be available across all models. Please check the specification brochure or contact your local Volkswagen Dealer.