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Scirocco R Wolfsburg Edition

Scirocco R Wolfsburg Edition

Pure exhilaration.

The irrepressible Scirocco R Wolfsburg Edition is pure exhilaration. Its style is unmistakable, its power undeniable, its appeal unshakeable. The Scirocco R Wolfsburg Edition has been created specifically for those who value performance, individuality and precision engineering. It’s not your average car but then again, it’s not for your average driver.

Starting from

Starting from

Ultimate performance, distinctive style.

Serious firepower.

Boldly go.

Dynamic and sporty, the exhilarating Scirocco R Wolfsburg Edition looks every inch the driver’s car – inside and out. Each car comes with a limited edition numbered plaque and the striking Wolfsburg crest badge. Boasting breathtaking body with an unsurpassed interior, its undeniable style will move you.

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Teeming with tech.

The bundle of cutting-edge technology loaded into the beastly Scirocco R Wolfsburg Edition makes driving safer, easier and, most importantly, a ton more fun.

Speed matched with safety.

The Scirocco R Wolfsburg Edition’s power is matched by a host of class-leading safety and driver aids, which combine to help you not only enjoy the ride but get home safe every time.

  • Adaptive Chassis Control

    Adjust your shock absorbers for different terrains

    At the push of a button, you can select between three damper settings: normal, comfort and sport. In other words, you get to choose an optimum level of driving comfort and enjoyment at all times.

  • Extended Differential Lock

    Turn a corner on traction

    An extension of the Electronic Differential Lock function, this clever addition applies pressure to the wheel on the inside of the corner in order to help prevent wheel spin. As a result of this precise braking pressure, cornering is sportier and more accurate.

More cost effective than you think.

Keeping your Volkswagen running at the top of its game costs a lot less than you think.

It's all in the details.

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The one and only Scirocco R Wolfsburg Edition

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