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Coffee Caddy Van – Volkswagen Australia


A lot goes into every Volkswagen van.

A small business owner puts everything into their van. Not just their supplies and equipment, but their hard work, passion and the desire to make it on their own. That’s why at Volkswagen, we put a lot into our vans too – like loads of innovative features. What’s more, a Volkswagen van can be customised to suit the needs of any business.

The fourth generation Caddy.

A lot goes into a Volkswagen Transporter.

Crafter, built for the extreme jobs.

See just how much goes into a Volkswagen van.

With a variety of load spaces, seating configurations and door variants – Volkswagen vans are versatile enough to meet the needs of the most demanding business.

  • Load Space

    Load Space

    Caddy Van: 3.2m3 to 4.2m3
    Transporter Van: 5.8m3 to 9.3m3
    New Crafter Runner Van: 9.9m3 to 14.4m3

  • Flexibility


    With a capacity of up to 5 seats, as well as plenty of space for supplies and equipment, you’re packing some serious people-moving power.

  • Accessibility


    Our vans offer a number of door options for the load area. Choose from different window packages with fixed or slide opening windows in the side, single or dual sliding side doors, as well as tailgate or rear barn doors.

  • Driver Comfort

    Driver Comfort

    Feel catered for with height adjustable seats, lumbar support and a telescopic steering wheel. You’ll also have stellar rearview visibility with big adjustable heated mirrors.

  • Storage


    Storage isn’t only about what you can load in the back. There are cleverly thought out storage solutions in the cabin for all those items you’d like to keep out of sight and out of the way.

  • Safety


    Both the Caddy and Transporter range boast the latest safety features like Driver Fatigue Detection and Multi Collision Brakes. Front driver, passenger and side head thorax airbags come as standard across the entire van range.

Volkswagen Transporter Van

The trusted workmate for businesses.

Discover the Transporter Van Range.