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32-Point Safety & Diagnostic Check.

32-Point Safety & Diagnostic Check.

When we say we check your vehicle, we mean it. Our comprehensive check is performed on every vehicle we service, to prioritise your safety. So, when your vehicle is returned, it is running just like the day you bought it. 

32-Point Safety and Diagnostic Check Inclusions:

  1. All external lights ‐ Check function: park lights, dipped beam, main beam, fog lights, turn signals, hazard warning lights, cornering lights, brake lights (including 3rd brake light), tail lights, reversing lights, near fog light, number plate light, turn signals, hazard warning lights

  2. Interior equipment: luggage and glove compartment lights, cigarette light1/12 V sockets, warning lamps, horn: check function

  3. Windscreen wash/wiper system and headlight washer system if fitted: Check function, park position, spray jet settings and for damage, adjust if necessary

  4. Windscreen: Perform visual check for damage

  5. Reset service interval display using VGA approved diagnostic tester and interrogate fault memories and attach print out to job card

  6. Engine and components in engine compartment (from above): Perform visual check for leaks and damage

  7. Check battery using VGA approved battery tester and attach print out to job card

  8. Windscreen wash/wipe system: Check fluid level, Replenish

  9. Cooling system: Check concentration and coolant level and record anti-freeze value

  10. Brake system: Check master cylinder for leaks, top up if required

  11. Power steering: Check fluid level if applicable and top up as necessary

  12. Check plenum chamber and water drain valves and clean if necessary

  13. Tyre pressure of all wheels including spare: Check and adjust

  14. Check mobility set expiry date: Renew if necessary

  15. Tyres: Check condition and wear and record tread depths (Front Left, Front Right, Rear Right, Rear Left & Spare)

  16. Check brake pad/lining and record thickness: Front Rear

  17. Check brake disc/drum and record thickness: Front Rear

  18. Engine oil: Drain, Renew oil filter

  19. Engine, Transmission, final drive, Haldex1 and drive shaft bellows: Visual check for leaks and damage

  20. Ball joints, control arms, axle bearings and anti-roll bar rubber mounting: Perform visual check for damage

  21. Track rod ends: Check play, security and boots

  22. Brake system and shock absorbers: Perform visual check for leaks and damage

  23. Exhaust system: Visual check for leaks, security and damage

  24. Underbody: Visual check for damage to underbody sealant, underbody panels, routing of lines, plugs

  25. Front and rear coil springs and rubber buffers: Perform visual check for damage

  26. Engine oil: Replenish

  27. Door locks, hinges and check straps: Lubricate and check tightness of hinges and check straps

  28. Vehicles equipped with sunroof: Check operation, clean and lubricate guide rails and clean drains

  29. Handbrake: Adjust if required

  30. Headlight adjustment: Check, if necessary adjust

  31. “Your next services” sticker: Enter and attach service sticker and fill out service book

  32. Carry out a road test
1. Not applicable to all model/variants.