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Passat Wagon Accessories.

Volkswagen Genuine Accessories ensures your Passat Wagon remains 100% Volkswagen. The extensive range of Passat Wagon accessories provides you the opportunity to adapt your Passat Wagon even more precisely to your individual needs. From transport, exterior and interior solutions to alloy wheels that perfectly complement your Passat Wagon.

  • Loading sill protection plate

    Loading sill protection plate

    The loading sill protection in stainless steel provides instant, stylish protection for an even more premium look to your vehicle.

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  • Door sill protection plate

    Door sill protection plate

    The high-quality aluminium door sill plates with Passat lettering not only protect the heavily used entrance area but adds a more premium look to your vehicle. For the front

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  • Tailgate protective strip

    Tailgate protective strip

    The rear lid protection strip in high-gloss chrome protects the tailgate edges and adds to the appearance of the vehicle.

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  • Roof Bars

    Roof Bars

    The genuine roof bars provide the base for all roof attachments and are aerodynamically designed to suit the Passat Wagon. Roof bars (set) load limit is 95kg

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  • Towbar kit

    Towbar kit

    The genuine towbar has been designed and developed using the latest CAD ensuring perfect integration with the Passat Wagon chassis. Made from high quality materials and tested to meet stringent Australian and Volkswagen engineering standards. Please refer to the owners manual or vehicle specifications for towing capacities. Passat Alltrack model shown.

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  • Premium Roof Box 340L & 460L

    Premium Roof Box 340L & 460L

    The aerodynamic roof box provides an impressive combination of minimal driving noise together with simple and quick installation using an innovative locking mechanism. Innovative “DuoLift system” that opens the roof box from both sides and with a 3-point central locking system. Max. load capacity: 75 kg

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  • Bicycle carrier

    Bicycle carrier

    The aerodynamic bicycle holder has a quick-fastening system that makes it easy to fit and can be locked for piece of mind.

  • Surfboard carrier1

    Surfboard carrier

    Bringing your surfboard safely to its destination: The rubber-coated surfboard carrier and a special rubber protector for the metal clamps on the tensioning straps provide extra protection during transport.

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  • Ski and snowboard carrier1

    Ski and snowboard carrier

    When it comes to top of the mountain, there’s nothing better on top. You can take up to six pairs of skis or up to four snowboards on the roof of your vehicle, comfortably and safely. The lockable ski
    and snowboard holder can quickly be mounted on the roof bars and is easy to operate.

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1. Optional accessories, at extra cost. Please note that the above accessories may have an effect on fuel efficiency
  • Luggage compartment tray

    Luggage compartment tray

    A perfect fit: Can be wiped clean and is acid-resistant, the robust and durable luggage compartment tray with Passat lettering easily keeps your luggage compartment clean. With circumferential edging, approximately 4 cm high.

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  • Luggage compartment loadliner

    Luggage compartment loadliner

    The loadliner protects the luggage compartment against all kinds of dirt and is easy to clean due to its smooth plastic surface and wide ribs. Stretch bands in the rear corners and a hook fitted to the rear wall provide effective attachment options.

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  • Reversible luggage compartment mat

    Reversible luggage compartment mat

    The perfectly fitting, reversible luggage compartment mat helps out when you have sensitive, dirty or damp goods to take. You
    can choose from soft and gentle velour on one side or sturdy, anti-slip plastic nubs on the other. To make things even easier, a
    built-in protective cloth can be folded out from the reversible mat to help avoid scratches to the loading sill when you’re loading and unloading.

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  • Slimline weathershields

    Slimline weathershields

    Enjoy the circulating fresh air, even when it is raining or snowing, or avoid the unpleasant build-up of heat on hot days by opening the windows slightly. Front only

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  • Mudflaps


    Protect your own vehicle and the one behind from flying dirt, dangerous stone impacts and spray water with these durable mud flaps. Not for R-line

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  • Sunblind set

    Sunblind set

    The Volkswagen Genuine sun blind can be used as optimal sun protection, as well as for thermal insulation. One set for the rear window, rear door windows and luggage compartment side windows.

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  • Tablet Holder

    Tablet Holder

    The Volkswagen innovative Travel & Comfort system has a basic module that is simply fixed between the front seat headrest mountings and can be used with various tablet holder attachments which brings comfort and convenience to any journey. Please contact your local Volkswagen dealer for compatible devices.

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  • Coat Hanger

    Coat Hanger

    Meet your business needs. The Volkswagen coat hanger provides crease-free transport of your clothing with a removable function as well.

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  • Bag Hook

    Bag Hook

    The robust bag hook secures your purchases so they can be conveniently reached.

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  • Folding table with cup holder

    Folding table with cup holder

    The Volkswagen folding table with built-in cup holder is especially useful on long journeys and offers the rear passengers a practical surface with height and angle adjustment.

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  • Wheel Cleaner

    Wheel cleaner gel set

    The Volkswagen wheel cleaner gel provides optimal care for your wheels. Contact your local Volkswagen dealer for more information

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  • Leather Care

    Leather Care

    Developed especially for your Volkswagen's leather seats to to ensure its longevity and your satisfaction. Contact your local Volkswagen dealer for more information.

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  • Chrome and aluminium cleaner

    Chrome and aluminium cleaner

    This specially developed chrome and aluminium care product is used to clean, polish and preserve all chrome, stainless steel and alumunium components of your Volkswagen. Contact your local Volkswagen dealer for more information

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  • Wax Shampoo

    Wax Shampoo

    Developed especially for your Volkswagen's specific paintwork to ensure its longevity and your satisfaction. Contact your local Volkswagen dealer for more information.

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  • Dashboard Care

    Dashboard Care

    Developed especially for your Volkswagen's specific interior to ensure its longevity and your satisfaction. Contact your local Volkswagen dealer for more information

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  • Carpet and upholstery cleaner

    Carpet and upholstery cleaner

    The Volkswagen Genuine upholstery cleaner helps you keep upholstery, textile foot mats and carpets clean. Contact your local Volkswagen dealer for more information.

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