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Service Plan Inclusions.

Service Plan Inclusions.

We've created service plans to cover the first 3 or 5 services for your new Volkswagen to ensure you have affordable, predictable service costs. Each service plan includes genuine Volkswagen parts, consumables like oil and brake fluids as well as scheduled service labour and workshop costs.

Take a look below to learn more about what you'll receive in each scheduled service.

1st Scheduled Service
2nd Scheduled Service
3rd Scheduled Service
4th Scheduled Service
5th Scheduled Service
15,000kms/1 year
30,000kms/2 year
45,000kms/3 year
60,000kms/4 year
75,000kms/5 year
Engine oil and filter change

Volkswagen’s 32-point safety and diagnostic check

Pollen filter change


Brake fluid change


Air filter change

Replace spark plugs (petrol only)

Transmission fluid change (DSG only)

Recorded log of Volkswagen service history

Wash and vacuum

The Volkswagen Service Plan includes genuine Volkswagen parts including pollen filters, consumables like oil and brake fluids, along with scheduled service labour and workshop costs.

Volkswagen's service schedule are on average once a year (or 15,000kms whichever comes first), compared with other manufacturers who demand six monthly service intervals, you can relax knowing that you don't have to service your car as often and all scheduled service costs are covered on average for three or five years.

To see a detailed list of Volkswagen Service Plan inclusions click here.