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People Mover – Volkswagen Australia

People Movers.

What is a people mover?

Are there times when 5 seats just aren’t enough? If that’s the case, you need a people mover, which is designed to carry seven or more occupants in great comfort and style. That’s the philosophy behind our people movers, which have a well-deserved reputation for crafting the most spacious, elegant and versatile people movers in the business.

There is a people mover to suit every family’s needs. The practical Caddy boasts a sharp design and the latest driver aids to keep your family safe. Caddy Maxi offers standard 7 seats while our compact short wheel base Caddy offers 5 seats with the option of 7. The Multivan, with its 65-year heritage, is the icon of people movers. For generations, it has been the ultimate in leisure and practical transportation, and is still as eye-catching today as it has always been. With seven seats and a wide range of engine and comfort options, it is a beacon of quality and perfection. Finally, the spacious Caravelle boasts nine seats and an adaptable interior configuration. It is a comfortable and flexible masterpiece suitable for all growing families.

Big and beautiful — like your family.

Our people movers are built to make motoring a pleasure for all members of your family. Boasting a multitude of shapes, sizes and trim levels, each one has been designed to be spacious and accessible.

Sliding Door People Mover Van – Volkswagen Australia

Complete convenience.


Dual-sliding doors that make getting in and out a breeze is just one of many features that make people movers supremely practical. Powerful engines, versatile body shapes and substantial passenger room also help our seven and nine-seaters stand out effortlessly from the competition.

Image: Exterior of Multivan

Adjustable People Mover Seating – Volkswagen Australia

Just how you want it.


Flexibility comes as standard in people movers, which are tailored to suit your family and business needs. Not only do adjustable seating arrangements allow you to customise your car, the Multivan boasts chairs that easily swivel at their base, while the spacious Caravelle’s unique modular system allows for certain rows of seats to be removed to create a larger cargo area. 


Image: Interior of Multivan

Versatile Seating – Volkswagen Australia

Capacity to impress.


With big families comes plenty of luggage, and for that people movers have you covered. Though the smallest model in the range, the compact Caddy boasts up to an impressive 3,030 litres of loading space with the rear seats down, while all models are designed to allow your passengers to stretch out in comfort. 

Image: Interior of Caddy

Power to the people.

With their capacity for so many passengers, people movers make sure that every occupant feels comfortable, cosseted and cared-for. The wide range of features offered as standard in every model will not only please the driver, they will delight the whole of the family.

Touch Screen Audio – Volkswagen Australia

Never a false note.

Touchscreen audio

The cutting-edge touchscreen infotainment systems available on every people mover offer a multitude of functions. By connecting to your smartphone through App-Connect, you can control maps and selected apps while streaming all your favourite music.

Rear View Camera – Volkswagen Australia

Perfect parking.

Rear-view camera

A rear-view camera built into the tailgate makes our people movers even more manoeuvrable, and helps you spot any obstacles quickly and safely. The camera works with the Park Distance Control feature, which displays a live picture of what may be lurking behind on the console screen, so reversing becomes a breeze.

Volkswagen’s people mover models.

White Caddy – Volkswagen Australia

Compact comfort.


Our 5 and 7 seat Caddy models are designed for families who demand style, space and fun. Its 1.4-litre turbocharged TSI petrol engine, which brings enhanced fuel efficiency while delivering exceptional low-end torque, singles the Caddy out as a driver’s car. Its advanced safety features keep everyone secure while travelling in unmatched comfort.

Silver Multivan – Volkswagen Australia

A modern icon.


For generations, every family has wanted a Multivan. Now more striking than ever, this 7 seater is ideal for everyday life and leisure. The range comes in three variants differing in engine size, wheelbase and features, all with the flexibility to be tailored to suit your needs. All models employ an advanced TDI turbodiesel that lowers fuel consumption while increasing torque, making each one a joy to drive.

9 Seater Caravelle – Volkswagen Australia

Make an impression.


Accommodating up to nine passengers in comfort, the Caravelle represents refined, powerful people mover motoring. Versatile and economical, it is the perfect shuttle for large families, and is absolutely stacked with cutting-edge equipment and advanced safety systems. Among its many standout features is its unique modular seating concept that lets you customise the interior to suit your needs.