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Volkswagen Arteon Sedan – Volkswagen Australia


What is a sedan?

With four doors and masses of room inside, the sedan is something different for everyone. It offers comfort to commuters, and space when you’re off to the shops. The best sedans will carry five adults in style, complete with all their luggage, and handle trips to the country as easily as zipping around the city. For this, Volkswagen has you covered. The Volkswagen sedan range sets the benchmark for this competitive category, with each model tailor-made to match your needs - the luxurious Passat and the boldly different and stylish Arteon.

With these models under our belt, Volkswagen has taken the classic sedan to new heights of style, space and performance.


Four-door flare.

Volkswagen has a sedan to suit all lifestyles and purposes, with each model boasting a wide range of features.

Power and efficiency.


While sedans are most often thought of as family cars, that’s no reason for them to be anything other than dynamic. With turbocharged engines across the board, connected to pinpoint responsive transmissions and served by advanced ride dynamics, Volkswagen sedans are compelling, efficient and - dare we say it - fun.

Volkswagen Infotainment Display – Volkswagen Australia

Smart systems.

Technology & Innovation


From cutting-edge connectivity to exceptional infotainment, our sedans take technology to the next level. iPhone® and Android™ users can access their phone screens through the touchscreen App-Connect, while navigation has never been easier, thanks to the Discover Media audio and satellite navigation 8-inch touchscreen or the larger 9.2-inch Discover Pro. 


Volkswagen Passat Sedan R-Line – Volkswagen Australia

Premium prowess.


Inside and out, Volkswagen sedans shout sharp, confident styling. Sophisticated interior details bring a new dimension to the category, while the exterior elements - characterised by short overhangs and sporty styling - give the impression of speed and athleticism. Smooth silhouettes and accentuated shoulder lines show off premium European engineering with outstanding visual appeal.


Front Assist

Confidence in all conditions.


Volkswagen believes in function without sacrificing substance, and every element of our outstanding sedans has been designed to enhance the safety of the driver and all occupants. Packed with cutting-edge technology - such as Front Assist with City Emergency Brake1, Driver Fatigue Detection1 and a full complement of airbags - passengers can feel as safe on the roads as they do at home. 

Volkswagen Head-Up Display – Volkswagen Australia

Pushing the boundaries.


Across the board, Volkswagen’s sedans deliver segment-leading levels of luxury. Boasting high levels of comfort and refinement, and benefiting from an extensive feature list, our range offers luxury without the price tag. With cutting-edge connectivity and exceptional entertainment systems, sophistication is at the pinnacle of each vehicle, and on a level that’s never been seen before in a sedan.

Volkswagen R-Line Sedan Seats – Volkswagen Australia

Others follow.


Understated luxury and comfort are the hallmarks of the Volkswagen sedan range. Projecting a wealth of creature comforts, and boasting an extensive list of premium features, each vehicle places itself at the upper end of the segment. The Volkswagen sedan range goes far beyond what is expected, setting benchmarks for unbeatable, affordable luxury.

Volkswagen’s sedan models.

More is more.

Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen Passat – Volkswagen Australia

Dashing good looks and a commitment to luxury have given the Volkswagen Passat its longstanding reputation for desirability. But the 2018 model is a modern classic, complete with all the creature comforts one would expect from a much higher price band. Cutting-edge technology, levels of comfort and unsurpassed quality set the Passat apart from anything else in its category.

Volkswagen Arteon – Volkswagen Australia

Boldly different.

Volkswagen Arteon

The latest edition to the Volkswagen sedan family, the Arteon is stunning to look at and to drive. Its outstanding turbocharged engine, unsurpassed handling and unmatched levels of comfort make it an outstanding performer. Moreover, its launch heralds a new era of motoring and bold originality that makes the Arteon unlike any other vehicle.

Some features may not be available across all models. Please check the specification brochure or contact your local Volkswagen Dealer.