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Blue Amarok V6 – Volkswagen Australia


What is a ute?

As Aussie as the Baggy Green or a plate of lamingtons, the ute is an automotive workhorse beloved of tradesmen, and a lifestyle statement ideal for city executives. It is one of Australia’s great icons. As a “utility vehicle”, a ute should be tough, strong and capable of carrying expansive loads, while also comfortable and refined, like a premium passenger vehicle. Our utes offer all these hallmarks and much more—with its Amarok range consisting of models that are equally at home off-road as they are in the CBD. With the widest tray in its class, the Amarok is built to do the heavy lifting. Moreover, Volkswagen’s very own 4MOTION all-wheel drive technology, Hill Start and Hill Descent Control make the Amarok ready to take down the terrain whatever the conditions.

Volkswagen’s thoroughbred is the perfect fit.

Our utes comprise two key models—the tough Amarok and the uncompromising Amarok V6—with some class-leading features in common.

Amarok Ute Tray – Volkswagen Australia

Widest tray in its class.

Load area

As the only dual-cab ute in Australia that can accommodate a full-size pallet between its wheel arches, the Amarok sets the highest standards for its category. Beyond its whopping 1,222mm tray width with a payload of up to 911kg, this ute is also built to withstand tremendous workloads, and features a tough tailgate that can bear weights of up to 200kg.

Amarok Ute Cabin – Volkswagen Australia

No trade-offs.


Our utes are uncompromising in their level of interior comfort and practicality. Designed as much for hard-working tradies as for discerning executives, the cabin features adjustable seats, an ergonomically designed dashboard and adjustable leather steering wheel. Practical stowage pockets mean there’s always somewhere to stow all of your kit, while a 6.33” touch-screen infotainment system featuring App-Connect will make any long drive feel even more enjoyable.

Amarok Ute Chassis – Volkswagen Australia

Unique chassis redefines standards.


A high-strength steel ladder-frame chassis offers greater strength and durability throughout the body, providing a robust platform for our hardest-working utes. This construction method gives the chassis an exceptionally high level of crash safety, to achieve maximum resistance to torsional forces and redefine the standards in its class. 

Amarok Towing Boat – Volkswagen Australia

Confidence and capability.


The high-output engines in the Amarok range are known for their strong towing capability. Our utes are as safe as they are refined and powerful, even when you have a load in tow—and regardless of how heavy it is. A trailer stabilisation system applies controlled braking and reduced engine torque if the Electronic Stabilisation Program senses your trailer starting to fluctuate heavily.

Power that suits your purpose.

Each Amarok offers a unique driving experience, based on intelligent technology and thoroughbred powertrains.

4x4 Amarok Ute Off-Road – Volkswagen Australia

Go anywhere, do anything.

Off-road features

Central to the Amarok’s drive-anywhere philosophy, an intelligent “off-road” button activates features such as Hill Descent Control and recalibrated ABS settings to improve performance on loose surfaces. A mechanical differential lock ensures maximum traction in any condition, while the Hill Start system prevents the Amarok from rolling backwards when starting on steep inclines.

Amarok V6 Engine – Volkswagen Australia

Two engines, a world of possibilities.

Class-leading power

A range of cutting-edge turbo-injected TDI engines delivers class-leading power, impressive torque and outstanding fuel economy. Choose from two 4-cylinder Bi-Turbo diesel engines, or opt for the powerful V6 turbo diesel, to tailor your Amarok to suit any conditions—from city streets to rugged Outback terrain.

Amarok 4Motion Technology – Volkswagen Australia

The difference is in the differential.

4Motion technology

Selectable 4x4 all-wheel drive on manual models distributes 50% of the engine output between the front and rear axles to deliver impressive traction on the most challenging surfaces.

With Permanent 4x4, which is standard on 4x4 automatic models, power is generally distributed between the front and rear axles 40:60. When driving on loose surfaces the Torsen differential automatically distributes power to driven wheels with the most traction ensuring the ultimate grip on any surface. 

Volkswagen’s ute models.

Amarok 4 Cylinder Ute – Volkswagen Australia

Tough yet nimble.

Amarok 4-cylinder

Available in two 2.0 litre Bi-Turbo diesel variants—the Core and Core Plus—Amarok 4-cylinder utes deliver 132 kW of power and up to a massive 420Nm of torque, with impressive performance, excellent fuel efficiency and strong towing capability. The best-selling Core 4x4 and the high-specification Core Plus 4-cylinder models come with the option of Selectable and Permanent 4x4.

Amarok V6 Ute – Volkswagen Australia

When you need the maximum.

Amarok V6

The 3.0 litre V6 Turbo Diesel Sportline, Highline and Ultimate Amarok variants each offer 550 Nm of torque and 165kW of power as standard—surging to 180kW with Overboost. This makes them 33kW more powerful than their nearest competitor. Each Amarok V6 ute offers the highest levels of comfort, safety and technology, along with the power to carry and tow almost anything.