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Volkswagen Golf Wagon Volkswagen Australia


What is a wagon?

The much-loved wagon features all elements of a hatch or sedan, but promises even more space and functionality. It’s the go-to car for an owner who demands flexibility, comfort, convenience and utility. Known by many as an estate, the wagon is a versatile vehicle for those who want more from their vehicle. Its cavernous cargo area provides space for family touring, work pursuits and simple convenience for those who need on-the-go storage.

Volkswagen provides all of this on top of its commitment to quality, performance, comfort and efficiency. Enjoy the full package - beautifully designed and presented in a way that is still sporty, efficient and a joy to drive.


Which wagon?

Volkswagen has taken its strength in hatches and sedans to design the most versatile and flexible wagons on the market. Here is how they stand out from the rest.

Volkswagen Wagon Boot Capacity - Volkswagen Australia

Room to move.


A wagon without sufficient space fails in its duty. This is not an issue with the latest generation of Volkswagen wagons, which boast capacity, convenience and style. Both on-the-go families, and the adventurous weekend warrior, will find plenty to write home about. Each addition to the range combines technological innovation with advanced intuitive features, evolutionary new styling, and powerful engines to enhance a stylish classic.

Volkswagen Passat Wagon R-Line Front – Volkswagen Australia

Actively safe.


Volkswagen takes safety seriously, and employs the very latest in active and passive safety systems in each of its wagons. These innovations include Driver Fatigue Detection1, which continually evaluates steering movements to alert a drowsy driver. Other features, such as Front Assist with City Emergency Brake1, and up to nine airbags, offer peace of mind that your Volkswagen wagon will keep you secure if something goes wrong. 


Volkswagen Active Info Display – Volkswagen Australia

21st century workhorse.



Technology is placed in your hands in each of Volkswagen’s wagons. Experience the optional Active Info Display that says goodbye to traditional analogue instruments behind the steering wheel - giving drivers a new level of advanced information. In addition to this, the exceptional App-Connect system that locks into both iOS and Android™ devices to make communication and entertainment as intuitive as pulling out your phone. 


Volkswagen Wagons Interior – Volkswagen Australia

Thoroughbred workhorse.


They may be bigger and bolder than a hatch or sedan, but Volkswagen wagons are far from sluggish. Turbocharged engines with exemplary fuel efficiency deliver the power needed to carry heavy loads in spades. Both TSI petrol and TDI diesel variants deliver super-low fuel consumption with lively acceleration to make driving a pleasure.

Iconic Volkswagen Wagon Air Conditioning – Volkswagen Australia

Form meets function.


To drive a Volkswagen wagon is to be behind the wheel of an exemplary vehicle. Every creature comfort is included - from ergonomic seats, to a sense of style and utility laid on by a manufacturer that is known for its resilience. Each wagon boasts plenty of space and an unbeatable sense of comfort.

Volkswagen Wagon R-Line Seat & Gearstick – Volkswagen Australia

A new benchmark.


One of the enduring joys of owning a Volkswagen wagon is that you get to enjoy an extravagant level of luxury. Not only are Volkswagen interiors designed to be long-lasting, but they also give a level of comfort and style far beyond what is normally expected from a wagon. From keyless access to multi-zone climate control, Volkswagen wagons offer as much thoughtful convenience as they do practicality. 

Volkswagen’s wagon models.

Volkswagen Golf Wagon – Volkswagen Australia

An evolving icon.

Volkswagen Golf Wagon

Combining comprehensive safety with added comfort, the three variants in the Volkswagen Golf Wagon range offer the highest level of equipment and new technological features. It is the evolution of an icon that maintains the Golf’s perfect proportions, clean lines and European styling, while at the same time, delivering 605 litres of space behind the back seat.

Volkswagen Passat Wagon – Volkswagen Australia

Functional luxury.

Passat Wagon

The four trim levels of the Volkswagen Passat Wagon range - with both petrol and diesel variants - offer European premium motoring without the price tag. They offer a combination of luxury with function, innovation and comfort. The Passat Wagon goes even further to bring even more space and style in a rugged and luxurious package.

Some features may not be available across all models. Please check the specification brochure or contact your local Volkswagen Dealer