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Volkswagen TDI Diesel Engine – Volkswagen Australia

TDI engine.

What is the Volkswagen TDI engine?

Hard-working yet refined, powerful, economical and enduring: Volkswagen’s family of TDI turbocharged diesel engines commands every superlative. Using direct injection, Volkswagen diesels produce less CO2 emissions while offering supreme engine performance and outstanding fuel economy. All this, in turn, should lead to cost savings on maintenance, servicing, and running costs. Available across Volkswagen’s passenger, SUV, and commercial vehicle lines, the TDI engines are as smooth as they are capable — none more so than the powerful V6 unit that is available in the Touareg and Amarok. Volkswagen’s cutting-edge diesel engines feature diesel particulate filters for reduced potentially harmful particulate emissions into the environment.

TDI — Work hard, play hard.


Volkswagen’s turbocharged diesel TDI engines feature the latest in common rail direct fuel injection technology, which injects precise amounts of fuel at extremely high pressure. This makes them responsive, incredibly efficient, and a pleasure to drive. Meanwhile, turbocharging delivers even more low-end torque in all units, to make the TDI a power player across the entire Volkswagen range. 

What makes the Volkswagen TDI engine so good?

Volkswagen TDI Diesel Engine – Volkswagen Australia

Economies of scale.

Cost saving

While diesel engines are known for their fuel economy, Volkswagen’s TDI takes this even further. Each unit boasts low consumption figures thanks to cutting-edge technology designed to save money on running, maintenance, and service costs, backed by Volkswagen’s outstanding levels of quality and reliability.

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All bases covered.


The Volkswagen TDI family boasts an impressive range of turbocharged diesel units across its entire range. From a high output 4 cylinder turbo diesel variant to bi-turbo engines with masses of grunt — all combined with exceptional fuel efficiency — there’s a TDI engine to fit everybody’s needs.

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Pulling power.


The TDI diesel range of engines has been designed to work hard wherever they go. Drawing on an exceptional amount of low-end torque, delivered through cutting-edge turbocharging and fuel-injection technology, each unit boasts exceptional towing power, backed up by strong performance and refinement.

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Ideal for all situations.

As comfortable on the worksite and making deliveries as they are on the open road, Volkswagen TDI engines bring a whole new dimension to turbocharged diesel engines. Cleaner, quieter and more fuel efficient, each unit boasts power and refinement, while also keeping running costs down to a minimum. The TDI provides a perfect complement to Volkswagen’s TSI petrol engine range.