Volkswagen 4MOTION is our unique suite of all-wheel-drive technologies that provides the best possible traction at all road speeds, and in all weather and road conditions. The 4MOTION range includes three different all-wheel-drive set ups - each vehicle has its unique hardware and software configurations.

4Plus Care Plan

4Plus Care Plan is an affordable service plan for Volkswagen between 4 and 15 years old, covering the basic service essentials.1

There are two options available:
• 2-year plan which includes 1 x Essential Service and 1 x Essential Service Plus; or
• 4-year plan which includes 2 x Essential Service and 2 x Essential Service Plus
You’ll have the flexibility to service with any Volkswagen dealer across Australia, and confidence knowing your vehicle will be looked after by Volkswagen technicians who will only use Volkswagen Genuine Parts ®.

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