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New lifestyle range available now

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Volkswagen is more than just mobility. With the perfect blend of ambitious design and reliable quality, discover elegant clothing, practical accessories and more.

The GTI collection

The GTI collection

A person with clothing and accessories from the GTI Collection

GTI. Three letters that represent eight generations of legendary automotive thrill. This collection oozes bold confidence with clothing and accessories that can work on and off the racetrack. Live the best of both worlds in modern and retro styles with unmistakable GTI touches like the red stripe, classic tartan and the badge.

The New Volkswagen Collection available now

Wear the future

A new collection is coming. Get ready to hit the road in style and have everything we stand for by your side, always. From stylish t-shirts to sleek travel bags, the collection has been designed to show off your best side.

The Heritage Collection available now

A homage to two icons

Get to know a whole new side of the camper van and Beetle with our Heritage collection. Volkswagen classics are brought out of the garage and breathed new life into them. Discover our stylish clothing and a range of other products that are made from our icons.

A man in casual clothing, leaning on a VW Golf R

The R Collection available now

Ready to turn heads?

Just like our R performance range, our premium R collection will also captivate with sleek styling, classic blue design notes and the iconic R badge. Get inspired by our exclusive R products and let your sporting spirit shine.

The kids collection: Something for our smallest fans

Being a child is all about having fun and being colourful. That’s what our products embody. From the Volkswagen camper van soft toy to the racing suit onesie, there’ll be something for your little ones.

New collection available now

If you like what you see so far, you’ll love our new collection. Available now from your local dealer.

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