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Discover the world of the older Volkswagen models.

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Introducing the Volkswagen Jetta: A beloved and iconic compact car that captured the hearts of drivers and families for four decades, offering style, space, and a thrilling driving experience.

  • A VW service employee checks the tyres of a Volkswagen – wheel knowledge

    Tyre knowledge

    Tyres play a pivotal role in keeping you in control on the road. Ensure your journey is as smooth as can be with the right tyres fitted to your car’s specifications. It’s important to check them regularly to avoid any unnecessary stress associated with a flat tyre.

  • A VW service employee checks the oil level of a Volkswagen – oil knowledge

    Oil knowledge

    Are you experiencing problems with a component and need a repair? Are you interested in engine information? No matter whether your car runs on diesel or petrol, you’ll find the answers to your questions here.

  • Detailed shot of a VW brake disc – brake knowledge

    Brake knowledge

    Developed specifically for your vehicle - Volkswagen Brakes are designed and tested to keep you safe in unexpected situations.

Roadside Assist

We've got your back No matter where you are or what time of day it is, Volkswagen Roadside Assist is available to give you a hand. We're only a call away. If you need a hand with a flat tyre or breakdown, just call us on: 1800 637 181


Get peace of mind with our 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty: 100% Volkswagen backing, roadside assistance, and transferable coverage.  

Technical Glossary

Volkswagen's glossary is here to help! This comprehensive resource defines a wide range of terms related to Volkswagen vehicles, from their engines and transmissions to their safety features and driver assistance systems.

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