Legends of the road

Over the last few decades, roads all over the world have been bumper to bumper with motoring icons that all bear the same badge – Volkswagen. Our vehicles have helped influence culture, movies and most importantly, shaped mobility. Join us on an historic journey through time and discover the models which have earned legendary status.  

The bug that shaped the world

Volkswagen Beetle

No other car marked a generation like the Volkswagen Beetle. Explore the charismatic little car that stole hearts from across the world. 

A great adventure begins

Volkswagen Kombi

Revisit the automobile of many generations of Australians – the Kombi was so much more than just a van. An icon that stood for road trips, hot summers and freedom.

The original hot hatch

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Explore the impressive journey of the Golf GTI, the more powerful variant to the Golf. Designed as a one-off in the 70’s, this sporty hatchback proved its ambition and is still a true favourite today.    

The iconic hatch

Volkswagen Golf MK1

During its introduction in 1974 as a replacement for the iconic Beetle, few could have expected the Golf MK1 to have made the impact it did. This was a model that was destined to change the future of compact motoring.

The world's car

Volkswagen Jetta

Following almost 40 years of production and six model generations, the Volkswagen Jetta entered well-earned retirement in Australia in 2017.   
Overseas model shown.

Ride like the wind

Volkswagen Scirocco

For over 40 years, Volkswagen’s three-door sports coupé has been associated with performance and style, and occupies a unique place in automotive history. 

Scirocco Iconic Models