A greener future

Sustainability begins here

Our passion for creating eco-friendly vehicles that blend harmoniously with the natural world is stronger than ever. It’s our ambition to become the leader in all things sustainable. Our key developments in low-emission drive technologies, smart mobility services and autonomous driving solutions are only the beginning.

Committed to tomorrow

A sustainable future is more than just an ideal to us - it’s a promise. We’re dedicated to exploring eco-conscious possibilities and turning them into reality with clean production, recycling and eco-fuel alternatives.


Discover AdBlue®, a biodegradable, water-based additive that’s been developed specifically to make some engines cleaner and greener.


Find out how cars like the Golf GTE or I.D. could change the future of Australia’s automotive landscape. With exciting developments in efficient hybrid technology and high-torque, zero-emission motors, a new electric era is on the horizon.

2019 sustainability report

We’ve seen some extraordinarily exciting transformations over the years and we’re pleased to share our progress in our sustainability report for 2019.

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