DSG transmission

What is DSG transmission?

Combining the convenience of an automatic with the precision of a manual, Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) is unlike any conventional transmission. Through its cutting-edge technology and advanced electronics the DSG senses how you are driving and so predicts your next gear change every time. It delivers swift, seamless shifting and increases efficiency beyond that of any traditional automatic. Available on most Volkswagen models, in 6-speed and 7-speed versions, the DSG’s control unit uses information such as engine speed, road speed, accelerator position and driving mode to select the optimum gear and determine the ideal shift point. This brings a new level of crispness to gear changing, each one taking less than four-hundredths of a second to complete. The DSG can also be used manually via the Tiptronic gear lever or optional paddle shifts. Whether you leave it to the control unit, or take control yourself, DSG transmission delivers lightning-fast and silky smooth gear changes every time.

How it works

The DSG combines the ease of a conventional automatic transmission with the sporty feeling of a manual transmission. The DSG internally consists of two independent gearbox units. Through the dual clutch, both gearboxes are connected alternately and positively to the engine via two drive shafts depending on the current gear. The hydraulic actuators of the dual clutch allow gear changes to be executed without any reduction in traction. The gearbox is controlled through a mechatronic, which contains the electronic transmission control unit, various sensors and a hydraulic operation unit in one compact package.

The DSG has two driving modes: Normal and Sport. In the Sport mode, the DSG extends the gears further and if required, can change down sooner too. Using Tiptronic mode, the gear changes can also be executed manually however, you can make the whole process even sportier by using the gear shift paddles on the multi-function steering wheel. The clutch is always actuated completely automatically. Depending on what your driving requirements are, a selection of DSG versions with different features can be used to ensure the perfect drive.


Change for the better

The DSG offers many advantages over a conventional transmission. Here is what you can expect.

Smooth as silk

Consistent power delivery

With a barrage of sensors to analyse your driving style, the DSG always knows what’s coming next. By doing so, it delivers seamless power throughout the gear range, to take the stress out of motoring. The transmission’s ability to maintain constant torque suits Volkswagen’s TSI and TDI turbocharged engines in particular, as its consistent power delivery keeps the turbo spooled up at all times.

Optimum efficiency

Fuel economy

Advanced mechatronics allow all of the lightweight components in the DSG to operate as one compact unit, serving to boost efficiency while reducing emissions. Whereas traditional automatics tend to make a dent in fuel economy, the DSG’s clutches transmit power with virtually no wastage, making them even more efficient than conventional manual transmissions in some applications.

Drive the way you want

Greater control

DSG transmission is truly versatile, allowing you to drive your car depending on the way you feel. In city traffic, you might want to let the gearbox take the strain as an automatic. On the open and winding roads, you might prefer to take control by using the Tiptronic lever or optional paddle shifts. Either way, the DSG is always ready to deliver seamless changes and astounding fuel efficiency.

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