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Discover our extensive range of tailored service options for all vehicles, new and old!

Volkswagen servicing for business

Get more back from your business and explore a range of benefits to be enjoyed with every new Volkswagen.

Car repairs and parts

Stay mobile with the right parts and services for your Volkswagen. Explore our offerings and keep your vehicle on the go!

Wheels and tyres

Find information on your Volkswagen tyres and handy best practice tips to keep your tyres on the road for longer.

Diesel Particulate Filter

For more than a decade, Volkswagen Diesel vehicles have been engineered to run with Diesel Particulate Filters. Diesel Particulate Filters are an advanced technology that helps modern diesel engines run cleaner and more efficiently.

Roadside Assist

We've got your back No matter where you are or what time of day it is, Volkswagen Roadside Assist is available to give you a hand. We're only a call away. If you need a hand with a flat tyre or breakdown, just call us on: 1800 637 181.

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