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Ever since Volkswagen was established, we’ve dedicated ourselves to shaping the global automotive industry, whether it’s designing iconic vehicles or developing revolutionary technology. Our new models are packed with innovative and exciting features, all designed to improve your driving experience and make your life easier. Here you’ll be able to discover some of the greatest features we’ve introduced into our latest models, and experience the future of driving.

Stay two steps ahead

Assistance systems

Discover how Volkswagen are using intelligent safety features and assistance systems to keep you on course, even when others aren’t.

Meet the new dash

Active Info Display

The dashboard has evolved. Our new Active Info Display puts you in control of your dash, and makes driving a Volkswagen even more futuristic.

Ready for anything

Adaptive Chassis Control

With innovative dampers and a selection of driver modes, your Volkswagen can now enhance your driving experience.

Welcome to mission control

Infotainment system

Operating your Volkswagen’s Infotainment system now only takes the wave of your hand. Where we’re going, we don’t need buttons.

Test drive the future

The Touareg comes fully equipped with our latest innovative technology,
to deliver a driving experience like never before.

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