Oil pressure sensor

The oil pressure sensor is a unit that is in charge of telling a vehicle’s computer, the engine control unit, the amount of the oil pressure. It controls the gauge on a vehicle which then lights up as a warning indicator on the dashboard of your vehicle.

The gauge on the vehicle signals the car’s engine is receiving not enough oil pressure or that the sending unit is faulty or damaged over time. Low oil pressure could mean there is not enough oil present and can be fixed by adding more oil. It might also show that the engine is burning oil or that there is an oil leak in the system.                                       

Park Assist

Park Assist allows semi-automatic manoeuvering into any parking space parallel or at right angles to the road. In addition, the system facilitates manoeuvers out of parallel parking spaces. In the case of parking spaces at right angles, the first models not only support reverse parking but also semi-automatic forward manoeuvers. Volkswagen with Park Assist steer fully automatically when parking. The driver only needs to operate the accelerator and brakes. Within the technical limits of the system, an emergency braking system also prevents parking damage.1

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