Amarok towing boat

How to tow a boat

  • Open the towing page on the infotainment screen and select ‘Add Trailer’.
  • Following the prompts, input your trailer name, brake type & effort and trailer measurements.
  • Use the Connection Checklist to ensure your trailer is safely connected and ready to hit the road.
1Filmed under controlled conditions, using a professional driver.

Video Transcript

Good day, it's Michael Guest here checking out some of the features of the all-new Amarok.

And I do a lot of towing with what I do up and down the coast, towing some quite big boats up over 3 ton, so let's have a look at one of the cool features and that's towing mode. So if I jump in here hit vehicle, let's go to towing, hit that again, where are we okay so add trailer. Now so I  want to hit that add trailer and then I can type in my trailer name, so this is a yellow fin uh 7600 7.6 metres long as I said it's quite a big boat so let's type yellow fin in.
So I just hit enter and then you get this cool animation that pops up with the with the Amarok towing a big box trailer, we got a big boat on but we get it so it's a dual axle trailer there and it says default electric surge, but we're going to go electric over hydraulic that's the type of brakes that I've got.

So then we just hit next so the next menu is a break effort menu, it's got low medium or high and I reckon this is quite a big boat 3 ton, full of fuel, full of ice in the sky ready to go and tackle some cool fishing so I'm going to go high effort, there but if um if you were towing a big box trailer for example and it only weighed a ton and it was empty then you can adjust that. So you might go low or medium effort and then when it's full fully loaded then you go to high, but let's go to high.

Next so then we get another screen popup it says trailer measurement, so you get to select your trailer length so it comes up with 7.6, funny enough the boats are 760, but the actual trailer length is around about 9 metres so I just tap that positive on this side and if you get it wrong you can go back onto the negative 9 metres. So 9 metres over overall trail length hit, next width? We're 2.4 metres wide so we go through that one there says enter the width of your vehicle trailer or cargo whichever is the widest and the boat is actually the widest at the gunnels and it's 2.4 metres wide. Hit next there we go so trailer measurements so it's a summary for that yellow fin 7600 that I've popped into the new Amarok here Trail length 9 metres overall width done confirm.

So we end up with this page here so we've got active trailer, yellow fin 7600 connection checklist now let's have a look at that, so we push that one there and it says connection to a to a 50 mil ball or connection to the ball lock couplet done hit next make sure your electrical connections are nice and clean and plugged in.

I've got a seven pin plug but also an anderson plug that I have here for 12v power to little compressor on the trailer so hit next there.

And then we've got our chains and our d-shackles so make sure you've got the correct rated of d-shackles I always cross my chains over as well. Hit next there and goes back through to the emergency brake-away well that's all part of the system that I've got here, but yours might be a little bit different.

Next again and we'll do a trail light check and we've got that system in here where we can do that make sure your jockey wheel is up.

Remove any wheel chocks, that little animation there to remind you adjust your mirrors the suit towing and you might find that you've got to go a little bit wider with your mirrors especially if you're telling a caravan obviously.

But even a boat of this width you might want to just adjust those mirrors out a little bit further and then you've got your electronic brake controller that comes in the new Amarok, which is just fantastic so it's all here and then as I adjust my brakes up and down to gain more or less brake pressure, it actually comes up on the screen and tells me what setting I'm at and that's a great idea.

Done and then we're back here and then we can go to our trail light check and that'll go right through the system, I push start and it'll do it five times and go right through indicator right left tail lights and brake lights; so exit out of there we're done, we're ready to go so for me the big boat's on the back it's a beautiful day the Wales are jumping around I reckon it's time to hit the water.