Family unloading Volkswagen Multivan by the beach, with young child throwing a ball in foreground.

A true Kombi at heart

Online order now available
Online order now available
Child anchor points
Luggage/Load capacity
From 4,300 litres

Designed for adventure

Stylish, sporty, and technologically advanced. When you need to round up the gang for city side exploring or go off the beaten track, the Multivan is the van to take you there in style.

Ready for anything

We all wear different hats. Whether you’re dropping off the kids, going on a family weekender, running errands or hitting the surf with mates, the Multivan has the smarts to be whatever you need it to be.

The ultimate weekender

With unlimited room and flexibility from the innovative seat , the only limit is your imagination. Just about everything adjusts, , and long objects have a second home under the 3-seater bench seat. But if you need even more space, the seats can be removed and reinstalled in a few simple steps. And for the little ones, all seats have ISOFIX and top tether mounting points for child seats.

Built to go the distance

When life gets busy, you need the best safety systems along for the ride.

Got your back