Volkswagen T-Cross Style parked

T‑Cross Reviews

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Front view of Volkswagen T-Roc Style and T-Roc R-Line parked

You'll just want one

Volkswagen’s T‑Cross is a funky and playful small SUV that looks compact on the outside, but is bursting with character and features on the inside. The T‑Cross has been designed from the ground up to suit your lifestyle. Its cheeky styling, versatility and individuality set the T‑Cross apart, as does its focus on pure driver enjoyment. 

T‑Cross reviews from automotive experts

"Smart looks with big charm, city-friendly proportions and frugality, all minted in Germanic style garnished with Volkswagen’s slick and techy cabin accoutrements, the T‑Cross certainly seems dressed for success."

"The T‑Cross’s small dimensions and lightweight nature make for an easy inner-urban driving experience. Tight confines are handled easily while parking remains a cinch, the T‑Cross slipping into tight spaces with poise and purpose."

"The front is, again, very spacious given the T‑Cross’ upright vibe, with a high roof and plenty of space. You do get cup holders here, of course, as well as a wireless charging pad perfect for your phone."

"The Volkswagen T‑Cross might be small, but it uses every inch of space it has, and for a small family living in the city or the suburbs I think it’s a good buy. "

Isn’t it time you SUVW?

The small SUV that doesn’t miss

Isn’t it time you SUVW?

The small SUV that doesn’t miss

When you meet the T‑Cross, you’ll see that it’s so much more than just a small SUV. You’ll see that it perfectly melds urban appeal with functional design and that it’s strikingly stylish and brilliantly versatile. From its eye catching range of colours to its versatile and spacious interior, the T‑Cross is undeniably unforgettable - sparking the question, isn't it time you SUVW?

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