Tyre knowledge & care
Find information on your Volkswagen tyres and handy best practice tips to keep your tyres on the road for longer.

Your tyres drive once around the world, on average.

Tyres play a pivotal role in keeping you in control on the road. Ensure your journey is as smooth as can be with the right tyres fitted to your car’s exact specifications. It’s important to check them regularly to avoid any unnecessary stress associated with a flat tyre.

VW tyre with rim on a red car

Tyre labelling made easy

225 / 45 R 17 94 W – explained in seven steps

What do the numbers on my tyres mean? Alongside the manufacturer and product name, you’ll find important information on your tyres.

A VW service employee is measuring the tyre tread depth

Tyre tread

How do you measure the tread depth? In the rough tread grooves of your tyres you’ll find small 1.6 mm tall projections – they represent the mandatory minimum tread depth. By looking at these in comparison with your tyres, you’ll see how worn your tyres are.  

How to increase tyre service life

Car tyres don’t last forever and there are ways you can reduce wear on the tread and prevent tyre damage.

A man checks the tyre on his Volkswagen

Our tips for you

We have compiled a number of useful tips for a long tyre service life. And if a tyre purchase is due, your Volkswagen Dealer will be happy to help.

Tyre damages

Learn about the most common types of tyre damage.

Illustration of abnormal tyre wear on a VW tyre

Abnormal tyre wear

Find out here about the potential irregular damage patterns that require action.

A VW service employee is checking a VW tyre

How far can I drive on a space saver spare wheel?

It’s recommended that once you have changed the wheel you drive to the nearest Volkswagen Tyre Centre or independent tyre centre to have your damaged tyre replaced or repaired.

Be sure to drive more slowly, avoid heavy steering, hard braking and not to exceed the recommended maximum speed of 80km/h.

Cutting-edge technology for efficiency and safety

Quality, driving comfort and design are the top priorities when it comes to our Volkswagen Genuine Complete Wheels.  

A VW service employee is measuring the tyre pressure

The tyre pressure monitoring system

Too low a tyre pressure quickly leads to tyre damage. Tyre pressure that is too low can lead to tyre damage and reduced handling that can lead to accidents. Since November 2014, we have been equipping all passenger car and SUV models with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Yellow VW warning lamp: tyre pressure too low or Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator faulty

Warning lamps

Tyre pressure too low or Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator faulty

The tyre pressure in a wheel has considerably decreased or a tyre has structural damages. Drive more slowly, avoid any heavy steering and braking manoeuvres and check your tyres as quickly as possible. Everything is OK but the lamps are still on? Have the system checked by your Volkswagen Dealer. You will find more information on the warning lamps in your owner’s manual.

The correct tyre pressure

Lower consumption – greater driving comfort. The correct tyre pressure for your car can be located within your fuel tank cap or driver’s door frame. Tyre pressures may need to be varied based on the load your vehicle is carrying.

Self-sealing tyres 

Self-sealing tyres

We’re taking the worry out of flat tyres with a self-sealing technology developed by Volkswagen. Self-sealing tyres tyres are filled with a viscous mass which seals against tyre punctures of up to 5mm in depth and prevents pressure loss in the tyre. Your driving behaviour remains stable and you can drive trouble-free to your nearest Approved Volkswagen Tyre Centre. 

Your benefits

  • No pressure loss after puncture.
  • Full protection even in the event of several punctures.
  • Same driving comfort in comparison to standard tyres.
  • Saves space and fuel due to the elimination of a spare wheel.

Need your tyres replaced?

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