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When winter
adventures call,
the California answers


Winter. It’s the time of year when the true adventurers among us come out to play. The frosty mornings out in the bush, the chilly ocean dips at deserted beaches, the biting winds of the high alpine areas – we embrace it all, because it’s when we feel most alive. So when it comes to making the most of the great outdoors in the cooler months of the year, all that’s needed is the right vessel for exploration.

Enter the Volkswagen California BeachOpens an external link, a modern day camper perfectly equipped for the modern day adventurer. The California is pure freedom, the ability to explore wherever you want without worrying about where you’re going to stay each night.

And when you live in a country bursting with idyllic winter road trip destinations, wouldn’t you want a vehicle that can help you experience it all?

From the moment you start planning for your next adventure, the California is at your disposal. Interior storage compartments ensure there’s space for all your gear, with optional accessories like the bicycle tailgate carrier available for those more specialised adventures.

When it’s time to hit the open road, a suite of clever safety and driver assistance systems will help you make a break for more open pastures, including Front Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring with Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control2. Once you’ve reached cruising altitude, the time is ripe to get stuck into your favourite tunes with wireless App-Connect3 and enjoy premium driving comfort in the luxurious driver’s seat with lumbar support, backrest tilt and adjustable armrests. 

But it’s when you can finally answer “yes” to the question “are we there yet?” that the California truly comes into its own. Pull out the side awning, set up the California’s camping table & chairs and enjoy the warmth of the winter sun while you dine against lush mountain backdrops, hidden bush settings and coastal havens. Beats any five-star restaurant, don’t you think?

After a long day of exploring and fine outdoor dining, the time will come to settle in for the night. Open up the elevated roof and get cozy in the loft space with its sprung bed base, comfort mattress and programable diesel heater – the essentials for a good night's sleep amongst the stars. The rear bench seat also includes a bed extension if you’d prefer not to open the roof or need to sleep more people.

Remember that book you’ve been meaning to get to?

Now you can finally get stuck in with LED interior lighting and two reading lights in the roof console. But before you get too comfortable, you might find it’s worth setting the auxiliary heater to continuous operation. That way you can stay warm on cosy on those cold winter nights, enjoying some quality Zzzzzs before the sun rises on a new day of adventure.