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Do you remember what power feels like?

In the world of utes, the word ‘tough’ gets bandied about a lot these days. So much so that it’s lost a bit of its, well, toughness. But if you’re really looking for tough, an uncompromising, resilient, powerful, clever kind of tough. Then look no further. Because tough comes from within.

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The Amarok V6 is available in Core, Sportline, Highline, Highline 580 Black and Ultimate 580 variants offering unrivalled power and capability. The Amarok 4-cylinder dual cab comes in two key models, including the tradie favourite Dual Cab 4x2 and the ever tough Core 4x4.

Amarok Canyon Coming Soon

The New Amarok V6 Canyon

The power to handle what others can't.


  • V6 – Class leading power

    The bold, uncompromising and thrilling performance of the V6 TDI engine makes the Amarok the ultimate ute on the road, or in the bush. The most powerful ute in its class, the Amarok V6 sets the benchmark within the Australian ute segment.

    The 3.0 litre Turbo Diesel V6 Engine in the V6 Core, Sportline and Highline variants offer 165kW of power. That surges to an impressive 180kW of power with the Overboost feature engaged and 550Nm of torque, making it capable of doing the 0 to 100 dash in just 7.9 seconds.

    In need of a bit more punch? With a powerful 580Nm of torque, the Ultimate and Black variants are tuned to deliver 190kW of power surging to 200kW of power on Overboost, launching it through the 0 to 100 dash in 7.3 seconds.

    Want that extra pull? Powerful enough to handle almost anything, the V6 pulls an incredible braked towing capacity of 3500kg when fitted with a genuine Volkswagen tow bar.

  • 4-cylinder – TDI engine

    Volkswagen’s cutting-edge 4-cylinder TDI engine packs an impressive 400Nm of torque and 132kW of power.

  • Towing

    The most powerful V6 ute in its class is powerful enough to handle almost anything, with a braked towing capacity of 3500kg when fitted with a genuine Volkswagen tow bar. The 4 cylinders are no slouch either, with a braked towing capacity of 3000kgs.

  • V6 - Braking Power

    The most powerful ute in its class also boasts some serious stopping power. The Amarok V6 features front and rear ventilated disc brakes, which means exceptional braking performance and reduced chance of brake fade.


  • Payload

    Pallets, sandbags, stones – anything is possible with a payload of up to 911kg (depending on model).

  • Load area

    The Amarok can pack a full size ‘Euro’ pallet with its class-leading 1222mm tray. This means it can accommodate a full-size ‘Euro’ pallet, and the fact that the tough tailgate can cope with loads up to 200kg, proves the Amarok will take the brunt of the most extreme workloads. Not only is it the widest, it has four lashing eyes conveniently located around the load space. Plus, when you work late, there’s a light above the rear window to illuminate the tray.

  • Full length ladder frame chassis

    The chassis is tough enough for whatever you throw at it – or under it. With two long chassis rails, connected by shorter rails, it consists of 7 cross sections. These cross sections offer maximum strength and rigidity optimising off-road and towing performance.

  • Intelligent off-road mode

    The Amarok has an intelligent ‘off-road’ button that sets up the vehicle for off-road driving. The off-road functions activated include Hill Descent Control, and recalibrated ABS settings that improve performance on dirt, and reduce the stopping distance on loose surfaces.


    The 4x4 system utilises a Torsen differential to distribute optimal power between all four wheels. With a 40:60, front to rear power distribution, the Amarok shines on all road surfaces.

  • Mechnical Differential Lock

    The mechanical differential lock makes starting up in adverse, off-road conditions much easier. When the going gets tough you can rely on this standard diff-lock, which mechanically locks the rear wheels to ensure maximum traction in any condition.


  • Exterior

    With an aggressive front, the Amarok V6 is every bit as rugged on the outside as it is underneath. We’ve dialed up the brawn with large alloy wheels, a sports bar and illuminated side steps on selected models. Along with Bi-Xenon headlights, daytime running lamps and chrome accents, style never takes a back seat in this ute (illuminated side steps available on Ultimate model only).

  • Interior

    However tough your work may be, nothing will shake you in the Amarok. The cabin of the Amarok has been designed with you in mind. With adjustable front seats, uncomplicated but clever dashboard, multifunction leather steering with multifunction display and practical stowage pockets to keep your Amarok tidy, it’s got everything you need.

    We’ve also completely redesigned the dash to include the latest multimedia musts like App-Connect1 on all models. Plus, long drives are a breeze when you and your passenger are sitting in new ergoComfort 14-way electric seats, available in luxury Nappa leather2.

    •14-way electric seat and Nappa leather standard on Ultimate only.

1. App-Connect is compatible for selected apps with the latest smartphone versions of iOS and Android, active data service, and connection cable (sold separately)
2. Leather appointed seats have a combination of genuine and artificial leather, but are not wholly leather.


  • Off-Road ABS3

    The off-road ABS reduces the stopping distance on loose surfaces at the press of a button. When this function is activated the braking interval is increased; the wheels lock up in a controlled manner so that material from the ground (such as gravel or sand) build up in front of each wheel, reducing the stopping distance.

  • Trailer stabilisation3

    The trailer stabilisation complements the electronic stabilisation program. If your trailer starts to fluctuate heavily, the system slows it down through controlled braking and reduced engine torque – steadying the trailer and increasing driving safety. Genuine Amarok wiring harness must be fitted.

  • Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP)3

    Helps you stay in control of your vehicle by preventing understeer or oversteer. If your vehicle starts to skid, the Electronic Stabilisation Programme will apply the brakes to individual wheels and adjust the engine’s power output to correct the problem.

  • Multi-collision brake3

    When the airbag sensors detect a collision, this state-of-the-art system applies the brakes to slow the vehicle to 10km/h, so that a secondary impact will be lessened or avoided. During braking, the hazard and brake lights are illuminated and remain activated. The driver can take over at any time.

3. Safety technologies are designed to assist the driver, but should not be used as a substitute for safe driving practices.


  • App-Connect1

    Access your smartphone’s screen, selected apps, maps, and music through App-Connect on your car’s touchscreen and Voice Control. You can do this thanks to three innovative technologies: Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™ and MirrorLink® interfaces.

  • Discover Media navigation system

    With a 6.5"" colour display with touchscreen, 2D and 3D (bird's eye) map views, CD player with auxillary input and two SD card slots for navigation and media, navigation has never been easier thanks to the Discover Media package. Only available on Highline and above models.

  • Composition Media System

    The crystal clear 6.33" colour touch screen is packed with the latest multimedia functions, including App-Connect* and Bluetooth®. For added convenience the telephone functions can be voice activated. Available on all models.

  • Rear View Camera

    Whether reversing out of a busy parking lot or trying to squeeze into a tricky spot, an extra set of eyes is always handy. The Rear View Camera displays static guidance lines and a live picture on your screen that shows what’s behind you. It all makes reversing safer and easier.

1. App-Connect is compatible for selected apps with the latest smartphone versions of iOS and Android, active data service, and connection cable (sold separately)
4. Optional extra.

More cost effective than you think.

Keeping your Volkswagen running at the top of its game costs a lot less than you think.


  • Tow bar5

    The genuine tow bar and wiring ensure maximum towing trailer sway control to give you safety and peace of mind.

  • Roll cover6

    Safeguard your cargo from prying eyes with the convenience and style of the rolling cover.

  • Roof bars7

    For that sneaky weekend away or weekend helping a mate move, Volkswagen genuine roof bars and box will help carry the load.

5. Towing capacities are applicable to Volkswagen Genuine Accessory Tow Bar. Towing capacity figures are maximum figures and actual towing capacity depends on factors including the laden mass of the vehicle, driving conditions and fitment of any accessories. Volkswagen Group Australia does not endorse or will not be held liable for any claim, loss or damage arising from the use or fitment of electronic trailer brakes.
6. Overseas models are shown for illustrative purposes only. Optional accessories at extra cost. Please note that the above accessories may have an effect on fuel efficiency. Items such as sports equipment and tablets are shown for illustration purposes only and are not available for purchase from Volkswagen Group Australia or its Dealers. For a full range of Volkswagen Genuine Accessories, please refer to the accessories tab or visit an authorised Volkswagen Dealer.
7. Roof bars load limit is 95kg.
$2,000 Factory Bonus across the Amarok range

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