Volkswagen servicing guide

Helping you choose the best servicing option for your Volkswagen.

Helping you choose the best servicing option for your Volkswagen.

Only the best for the best

New or old, big or small, we pride ourselves on always making sure your Volkswagen is given the best quality and value servicing. Our range of products and services do exactly that, helping you get the most out what we offer.


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Service your car in 60 minutes with ServiceXpress

When you book your next service, add ServiceXpress to your booking.

Expect a little more

Servicing for new Vehicles

Find out the cost of servicing with our Assured service pricing guide or buy a Care Plan to save.

We care for you

Scheduled servicing doesn’t have to be complicated. A Volkswagen Care Plan is a convenient and affordable way to service your car.

Transparent pricing

Know up front what to expect when you take your car for a service at any Volkswagen Dealership.  

Servicing for business owners

For affordable service options book your Volkswagen in for an Essential Service or buy a 4Plus Care Plan.

Drive your business forward

Get more back from your business and explore a range of benefits to be enjoyed with every new Volkswagen.

Keep your business moving

No matter how big or small your work is, we want to help make it as smooth as it can be. And that’s where ServicePlus comes in handy. If you’re a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle owner, you can expect a little more with your service at one of our participating service centres.  

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