Service and repairs

Servicing for new Vehicles

Find out the cost of servicing with our Assured service pricing guide or buy a Care Plan to save.

We care for you

Scheduled servicing doesn’t have to be complicated. A Volkswagen Care Plan is a convenient and affordable way to service your car.

Transparent pricing

Know up front what to expect when you take your car for a service at any Volkswagen Dealership.  

Servicing for Vehicles 4 years and over

For affordable service options book your Volkswagen in for an Essential Service or buy a 4Plus Care Plan.

Nothing says ‘I still love you’ like a 4Plus Care Plan

A 4Plus Care Plan saves you the hassle when your next service rolls around. It works by bundling your services together in either a 2-year or 4-year plan saving you up to 25% depending on your plan.

Keep the good times rolling

Our Essential Service range gives you complete confidence knowing your Volkswagen will get a quality service at a fair price.

Service your car in 60 minutes with ServiceXpress

When you book your next service, add ServiceXpress to your booking.

Always in good hands

Nobody wants to be involved in an accident, but unfortunately they do happen. To help make the whole experience a little less stressful, put your trust in an Approved Repairer.

Tyre maintenance

Tyres are your connection to the road. Learn all you need to know on how to take care of them. 

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