Amarok V6 W‑Series
Reared for the road

Engine max. power
Engine max. torque
Braked Towing Capacity
0-100km in 7.3 seconds

Meet the beast

Say hello to an animal like no other. Trained in collaboration with the experts at Walkinshaw, the new Amarok V6 W‑Series is an aggressive, high-performance beast with an unbreakable spirit. Reared to rule the road, this enhanced Amarok is a force to be reckoned with.

Volkswagen Amarok W-Series driving on paddock with farmer watching in foreground

A new pack leader

Synonymous with success both on and off the track, Walkinshaw took the tough Amarok V6 ladder chassis and created a true performance machine. Tuned as a GT, the Amarok V6 W‑Series delivers an exhilarating drive experience on all fronts.