Amarok V6 W‑Series
Reared for the road

Engine max. power
Engine max. torque
Braked Towing Capacity
0-100km in 7.3 seconds

Meet the beast

Say hello to an animal like no other. Trained in collaboration with the experts at Walkinshaw, the new Amarok V6 W‑Series is an aggressive, high-performance beast with an unbreakable spirit. Reared to rule the road, this enhanced Amarok is a force to be reckoned with.

Volkswagen Amarok W-Series driving on paddock with farmer watching in foreground

A new pack leader

Synonymous with success both on and off the track, Walkinshaw took the tough Amarok V6 ladder chassis and created a true performance machine. Tuned as a GT, the Amarok V6 W‑Series delivers an exhilarating drive experience on all fronts.

Volkswagen Amarok W-Series driving on paddock with farmer sitting on quadbike in foreground

Steals the spotlight

Aggressively styled to reflect its abilities, the Amarok V6 W‑Series earns itself an all-new front grille, wheel arch flare extensions, molded sports bars and custom forged 20” Clayton alloy wheels. If that wasn’t enough, the unique decals and Walkinshaw branding is there to let people know it’s in a class of its own.

Volkswagen Amarok W-Series drifting in paddock with farmers watching behind fence

Moves like an animal

The Amarok V6 W‑Series might be wild at heart but on the road it’s as focused as they come. Engineered with superior steering, a retuned GT suspension and large Pirelli Scorpion ATR tyres, you’ll find perfect balance wherever the road takes you.

Bring the W580S to life

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Browse the stock of the Amarok V6 W‑Series

You don’t need to have motor oil in your veins like the people of Walkinshaw to own an Amarok V6 W‑Series, but some say you never just choose one to ride - it has to choose you. Take a look at the stock and see which one will let you take the reins.

Amarok V6 W580

Climb into raw power refined and discover enhancements such as black interior headlining, LED fog lamps, a multi-function steering wheel, tailored carpet mats, dual-zone climatronic air conditioning and much more.

Amarok V6 W580S

A true force to be reckoned with, the W580S delivers luxury like none other with features including a sleek sail plane styling bar, electric folding mirrors, tuned twin-pipe exhaust and unique bonnet decals. 

Rules the road

A true GT at its core, the new Amarok V6 W‑Series delivers thrills like nothing else.

Volkswagen Amarok W-Series leaving paddock underneath Walkinshaw Station gate

A true thoroughbred

You don’t become the most powerful ute in your class without packing some serious punch. With class-leading torque, the W‑Series’ peak power surges to 200kW on Overboost to get from 0-100km in just 7.3 seconds.

Small details, big difference

Sometimes it’s the little things that truly make an impact. Take the tuned twin exhaust with branded tips for example, subtle but unique in every way.
Only available on the W580S

Bigger and better

You can always spot a pack leader and the Amarok V6 W‑Series is no exception. Standing taller and wider with a completely redesigned front bumper, wheel arch flares, bonnet protector, air intake grille and unique Walkinshaw decals, this is a vehicle that demands attention.

Engineered to excel

Renowned Walkinshaw engineering meets iconic Volkswagen style.

A smooth ride

Engineered for an all-round aggressive look, the front suspension has been lifted and tuned to effortlessly tackle any terrain in style.

Farmers patting grey Volkswagen Amarok W-Series

Ready for anything

They might be reared for the road, but their suspension has been tuned to tackle any terrain. The 3,500kg Braked Towing Capacity means you don’t have to be shy when you load them up either.

Born to entertain

Boasting a crystal clear colour touch screen, the Composition Media system in the W580 and the Discover Media Navigation system in the W580S has everything you need to keep you and your passengers entertained with the latest multimedia functions, including App-Connect4 and Bluetooth®.

A new Aussie icon

Discover how this performance powerhouse was trained and tuned in one of our most exciting collaborations yet.

Experts in performance

Since its launch, the Amarok V6 was always going to deserve a flagship performance variant. Meet the experts at Walkinshaw who knew exactly what to do.

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Explore a world like no other and discover how the Amarok V6 W‑Series is taken from wild to Walkinshaw.

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