Caravelle hero image
Caravelle hero image
Caravelle hero image

Caravelle 6.1
The icon updated

Online order now available

Online order now available

Fuel consumption (combined cycle)
6.9 L/100km1
Child anchor points
Luggage/Load capacity
Up to 6,700L

The streetsmart people mover

The Caravelle is always there, and always prepared for every moment. From modular seating to Blindspot Monitoring, the Caravelle is the ultimate people mover with all the flexibility to fulfill commercial and personal trips alike. So that whether you’re transporting cargo or the entire family, you can rest assured with ample luggage space, driver assistance systems and safety features.

Ready when you are

The Caravelle is versatile at heart. Whether you’re picking up one more passenger than planned or navigating the city streets, the Caravelle is equipped with everything you need to keep life moving.