Golf GTI
Golf GTI
Golf GTI

New Golf GTI
New era arriving soon

Online order now available

Online order now available

Acceleration 0-100km/h
6.3 seconds
Engine max. power
Engine max. torque
Fuel efficiency (Combined cycle)
7.0 L/100km1

The hot hatch has evolved

New Golf GTI. Same blood-pumping, spine-tingling, heart-racing thrills since 1976. Welcome to the future of the iconic hot hatch, where cutting-edge performance meets uncompromising functionality. Complete with a full digital revamp and fitted with the state-of-the-art safety systems of IQ.DRIVE2, the new GTI promises an unforgettable driving experience. The GTI is arriving in April but you can pre-order  to secure yours today or register your interest.

Overseas model shown, local specifications may vary

The next level of performance

Tuned to deliver a drive like no other, the new GTI channels the power of the original compact sports car and kicks things up a gear with new levels of control and dynamic ability.

Overseas model shown, local specifications may vary

Inner beauty

Not just a looker on the outside, the interior revamp delivers a sleek digitalized experience with the introduction of the Innovision Cockpit to bring a new level of luxury to the driving experience.

Designed to make a statement

The GTI has a fearless history of mixing timeless style with cutting-edge technology and the new generation is no different. From the exclusive 18” Richmond alloy wheels to the new LED crossbar, this hatch knows how to turn heads.

Customise and pre-order your Golf GTI

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Power that gives you goosebumps

Powerful yet practical, the evolved hot hatch lets you be an urban explorer one day and a sports icon the next.

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