T‑Roc R

Matching accessories for your T‑Roc R

Volkswagen Genuine Accessories ensures your T‑Roc R remains 100% Volkswagen. The extensive range of T‑Roc R accessories provides you the opportunity to adapt your T‑Roc R even more precisely to your individual needs. From transport, exterior and interior solutions to alloy wheels that perfectly complement your T‑Roc R.

Optional accessories at extra cost. Overseas models are shown for illustrative purposes only1.


The genuine roof bars provide the base for all roof attachments and are aerodynamically designed to suit the T‑Roc R.
Load Capacity: 75kg


For added protection the T‑Roc R can be fitted with the Volkswagen Universal Traffic Recorder, a front view camera that allows you to record any incidents onto a removable SD card. You have total control over all camera settings via the UTR Volkswagen App2, which also includes a car finder feature. And the best thing is, the device requires no battery or recharging. The UTR App is compatible with all Apple IOS devices and Android devices up to and including Android 11.

Alloy Wheels

The Dynamic Volkswagen Centre Caps cover the centre of the alloy wheel and pop in and out when the wheel needs to be removed or replaced. The self-levelling function of the centre caps allow the Volkswagen badge to stand freely within the item, meaning that the roundel is always the correct way up, no matter the speed of the car or the position of the wheel.

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