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Golf GTI
The original hot hatch

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The car that changed history

In the early 1970’s, two Volkswagen employees who spent their free time race-driving had the idea to create a “sporty-tuned hatchback”. Born from a demand for powerful vehicles, the Golf GTI struck the perfect balance between the weekend sports car and the reliable work car for the week. An international favourite since its debut in 1976, it continues to set the benchmark for hot hatches today.

A legend is born

1976 - 1983:
Golf GTI MK1

In 1976, the first Golf GTI was launched and was so popular, it sold over 455,000 units more than planned. The world fell in love with its iconic looks and gutsy performance. Reaching a top speed of 182 km/h, it was clear it would become the car everyone had to have. Its blacked-out wheel arches, sport steering wheel, tartan sports seats and golf ball shift knob instantly transformed it into the iconic GTI we know today

Continuing to make a name for itself

1984 - 1990
Golf GTI MK2

Arriving onto the scene in 1984 was the first GTI sold in Australia. The slightly larger and higher performing MK2 kept the red strip in the radiator grille and tartan sports seats from the MK1, solidifying its iconic design. Featuring ABS-system brakes as standard and optional power steering, it impressed car enthusiasts and the press yet again. A new 16v engine in 1986 generated 129 PS, surpassing the agility of the original GTI at 112PS.

Raising the bar

1991 - 1998
Golf GTI MK3

A new design and slightly longer body saw the third generation GTI drawing a top speed of 207km/h. The larger, more comfortable MK3 did the 0-100km/h dash in just 10.1 seconds. In addition, the new exterior featured a horizontal red line in the rear and front bumper, tinted rear lights, and a red GTI badge in the grille and spoiler-lip. When compared to other hot hatches, it was widely recognised as being smoother to drive due to the quieter engines and foolproof handling.

A new icon of GTI design

1998 - 2003
Golf GTI MK4

After undergoing the most significant aesthetic change after its predecessors, the MK4 featured a more modern design. Going without the red strip in the radiator grille and other GTI defining details, this vehicle paved the way for a cleaner era of vehicle design. In terms of technology, the fourth generation GTI kept competitors at arm's length with eight different engines.

The return of the classic GTI

2004 - 2008
Golf GTI MK5

After 30 years of the GTI, the Mark 5 saw a return to the red frame around the grille, tartan fabric seats and GTI-badges in the grille and tailgate. The honeycomb grille was introduced, with black sills, 17-inch wheels and new 6-speed Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG). The VR6 was replaced with a 4-cylinder 2.0L turbo engine, hitting an impressive 0-100km/h in just 6.9 seconds.

Redefining the concept of grip

2009 - 2012
Golf GTI MK6

The low power-to-weight radio allowed this sixth generation GTI to reach 100km/h in only 6.6 seconds - the fastest production GTI yet. The Mark 6 was a joy to drive, with electronic differential lock improving traction, keeping the car firmly on the road. A sound generator and new exhaust system was added for increased dynamism. This generation has racing legend, Hans-Joachim Stuck, to thank for his influence in honing the MK6’s setup.

Completing 40 years of GTI

2013 - 2021
Golf GTI MK7

The seventh generation GTI was one of the most powerful GTI's ever made, a fitting homage to its original makers. It reaches 0-100km/h in a daring 6.2 seconds, a true revelation after 40 years of pursuing performance. Yet, it remains true to its predecessors, featuring the iconic horizontal red line in the grille, silver GTI-badge and original tartan seats.

Our latest Golf GTI

Golf GTI MK8

Golf GTI MK8

The Golf GTI of today still evokes the excitement and heart-racing experience that’s at the core of every GTI gone before. The only difference? The technology. After undergoing a full digital revamp, it’s been fitted with the revolutionary safety systems of IQ.DRIVE, latest equipment and sleek new interior. It’s a new look, with the same fiery spirit setting the bar yet again.

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