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Genuine Parts

Why choose Genuine?

You chose your Volkswagen because of its quality, reliability and safety, so why would you compromise this with anything other than Volkswagen Genuine Parts®? Non-genuine parts can’t necessarily deliver the same quality and safety attributes. By ensuring that Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are used, it safeguards that your Volkswagen will drive, function and protect you and your loved ones the way it was intended.


Brake Pads & Discs

Why compromise on anything other than genuine
VW Genuine brake pads and discs

Brake pads and brake discs are among the hardest working parts of your car. During full braking at speed, the brake pads are applied to the brake discs with up to 1000kg of force. Volkswagen Genuine brake pads and discs are specific to each model’s engine output, vehicle weight and maximum speed.

Brake Fluid

Liquid gold for your brakes

Your safety depends on brake fluid. When you press the brake pedal, the brake fluid transmits the applied force to the wheel brakes to slow your vehicle.

To ensure the full function of your braking system is retained at all times, the brake fluid must be changed as per your vehicle’s schedule. Failure to do so can lead to instability and, in some cases to a total failure of the braking system.


Windscreen Wipers

20/20 Vision

Clear vision in all weather conditions is a key safety factor. Despite this, many car drivers do not change their wiper blades until their vision is obscured by stripes and smears. On a car with average usage, the wiper rubber covers around 800km on the windscreen every six months and is subject to heavy stress and strain. UV radiation, stubborn dirt, frost and chemicals are just some of the tough conditions that a wiper blade has to be capable of withstanding.
 To ensure clear vision always insist on Volkswagen Genuine windscreen wipers.


By the way: even if it doesn’t always catch you eye, the rear window wiper wears just as much as the front wipers, so ensure it is changed at the same time.

Crystal clear windscreens

Screen Clear
VW Genuine Windscreen

If stubborn dirt sticks to the windscreen, the only remedy is an efficient cleaning agent in the windscreen wash system that is effective against various types of dirt. The wiper blades on their own are insufficient, as they tend to distribute the dirt rather than clean the windscreen.

However, not every cleaning agent is suitable for the different seasonal conditions. Adequate anti-freezing protection is needed in the winter, and it is important that the product does not attack the various materials with which it comes into contact.  Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen Clear meets all these criteria and assists in maintaining a clear view for safe driving.

Breathe easy

Air Filter
VW Genuine Air Filter

Your engine can only develop its full power if it gets the exact fuel-air mixture it requires. That intake air also needs to be free of contaminants. By being precisely adapted to engine type, a Volkswagen Genuine air filter will ensure that both these conditions are met. It lets your engine breathe freely, provides low fuel consumption, prevents wear and helps to minimise harmful exhaust fumes.

A breath of fresh air

Dust & Pollen Filter

Poor air quality inside the car can have a tiring effect on the driver – and that can be dangerous. By keeping dust, soot and micro-organisms outside, a Volkswagen Genuine dust and pollen filter will ensure the air inside remains fresh.  

As a filter becomes clogged, its effectiveness naturally deteriorates. This can affect the air conditioner’s performance and odour problems can arise. We therefore recommend having your vehicle’s dust and pollen filter replaced every 2 years – with one from Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, of course!

Minimise engine wear. Maximise performance

Oil Filter
VW Genuine oil filter

Oil lubricates, cools, seals the combustion chamber and protects against corrosion in your engine. It filters out dust, metallic grit, oil carbon and soot particles. Volkswagen Genuine oil filters constantly purify the circulating engine oil, allowing only clean oil to reach lubrication and bearing points in the engine. They ensure optimal engine performance and long service life.

Keep it clean

Fuel Filter
VW Tyre centre

Most people don’t realise fuel contains fine contaminants, such as dust, rust, water and tank residue. If they ever end up in your engine, they would quickly cause serious damage to it. Volkswagen Genuine fuel filters purify the fuel, so your engine’s service life remains long.


Start your engines

Car batteries

Starter batteries not only provide the energy needed to start the engine, but also provide power to your vehicle’s many electrical and electronic safety and convenience features.

Enhancements such as driver assistance systems are making the driving experience safer and more comfortable, but they also put greater demands on starter battery performance. Volkswagen Genuine batteries have been specially designed to meet these demands.

Accident Parts

As good as before your mishap

Genuine Replacement Parts

You bought your Volkswagen for its quality, reliability and safety. Why would you compromise this by having it repaired after an accident with anything other than Volkswagen Genuine Parts®?  Non-genuine parts can’t necessarily deliver the same quality and safety attributes. When Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are used in accident repair work, it ensures that your Volkswagen will drive, function and protect you and your loved ones the way it was intended.

To ensure your Volkswagen is repaired to the highest standard after an accident, visit a Volkswagen Approved Accident Repairer.


Convenience all-round

Volkswagen Tyre Centres
VW Tyre Centre

Servicing your vehicle at a Volkswagen dealership is now better all-round, with the one stop convenience of the Volkswagen Tyre Centre*. You can choose to have factory recommended tyres fitted to your car at competitive prices – simple, easy and saving you the run around. To find out more about the range of quality tyres on offer, speak to your Volkswagen Service Advisor today.

*Participating Volkswagen dealers only

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