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Volkswagen Kombi Badge – Volkswagen Australia

Why Volkswagen.

From heritage to innovation.

Joining the family

When you buy any new vehicle, it’s important to look to the future. With Volkswagen, not only are you buying into a brand steeped in rich history and heritage, but a leader in technical innovation.

Legends of the Road.

Our heritage
Classic Volkswagen Vehicles – Volkswagen Australia

Take a look into some of the definitive moments that formed our past. From world-famous icons, to innovations that revolutionised the automotive industry, discover what helped make Volkswagen what it is today.

We make the future real.

Technology today
Volkswagen Cockpit – Volkswagen Australia

Volkswagens today are packed with innovations, designed to excite and deliver a driving experience like no other. Here you can browse the latest features found inside our vehicles and explore what decades of research could mean for you.

Here's to the future.

The road ahead for Volkswagen
Volkswagen Concept Car – Volkswagen Australia

In an age of connectivity, we’re looking to change the future of driving, by providing a fully tech-integrated driving experience that benefits Volkswagen owners. With exciting features already in the market, new concept cars soon due for launch, and autonomous driving becoming a reality - the future is closer than you thought.

Committed to tomorrow.

Volkswagen Sustainability – Volkswagen Australia

Sustainability is more than an idea for Volkswagen. Discover how we’re dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions that benefit both people and the environment.

Standout performers.

Our engines
Volkswagen Engines - Volkswagen Australia

Everybody has different needs when choosing their car, which is why Volkswagen offers a comprehensive range of engines and transmissions to suit every requirement. Lightweight and innovative, all Volkswagen engines are engineered to combine exceptional fuel economy with sparkling performance.