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Electric car technology

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Electric car technology

ID. Technology

The innovative battery, drive and ID technology built into our electric vehicles is all part of our pursuit to create a fleet of vehicles that drive Volkswagen into the future. Behind the wheel of the ID. Range, there’s intelligence at every turn. Enjoy the innovation of ID. Sound that alerts other road users of your presence, a powerful heat pump system that provides energy-efficient heating of the vehicle, and a hands-free voice assistant in the form of ID. Light.

We stay true to both the Volkswagen brand and the character of our electrified model range when we design these sounds - just as we do with the visuals.
Thomas Ulbrich
Volkswagen member of the Board of Management for Development

Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

The augmented reality head-up display is a piece of technology that projects text, images, and even 3D animations onto the windscreen. It allows you to easily glance at useful information and warning signs allowing you to respond more quickly to changing situations on the road.

The technology that drives the augmented reality head-up display is installed deep within the dashboard. It generates rays that are transmitted from an LCD display and onto two mirrors found on the windscreen. 

To ensure information is shown at the correct distance, one of the car’s two central computers calculates the precise placement of each piece of data. Finally, the augmented reality depictions are stabilised and adjusted to give you total sight of each symbol and piece of text. 


Heat Pump

Compared to a petrol-driven car, the drive components of an electric vehicle do not produce enough waste heat to adequately heat the vehicle interior. The solution is a highly efficient heat pump system compresses refrigerant under high pressure. The heat produced is used to heat up flowing cold air. This uses less energy from the battery for the high-voltage heater, beneficially delivering greater range over electric vehicles without heat pump.

Hot outdoor air becomes cool indoor air

The energy-efficient heat pump in the new ID Range will offer you several advantages:

The climate impact of the refrigerant R744 (carbon dioxide) used to generate heated or cooled air is lower than that of fluorinated refrigerants.

The reduced power requirement also reduces power consumption and thus increases battery capacity, which has a positive effect on the vehicle range. The exact nature of the effect on the vehicle range is also determined by your individual driving behaviour.

As a general rule: if the average speed is lower, the influence of the heating system will be higher and thus the positive influence of the energy-efficient heat pump on the total vehicle range will also be higher.

Over the air updates

Over-the-Air Updates are software updates that can be downloaded via the vehicle’s wireless access in many countries. Whilst the release date is not yet announced in Australia it is available overseas with the view it will roll out here in time.

On the one hand, there are updates from pre-installed programs that are independent of the ID. software. These include navigation maps and in-car apps, like “We Charge” or “Vehicle service", which you can use to find charging stations and arrange necessary service appointments. This is similar to updating apps on your smartphone to the latest version. On the other hand, firmware updates of the ID. software update the vehicle’s control units. For example, they can optimise features, such as the ID.Light or surroundings recognition, and also adapt the design of the Infotainment system. As is the case with many digital devices, further developed versions of the operating system regularly become available.

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