Our electric vision

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Powering an electric future

It’s undeniable that the future of our world is electric. Volkswagen is at the forefront of electric innovation, working every day to make it smarter, more integrated and more accessible for all. Whether it’s engineering smarter forms of public transport that allow people to move through increasingly busy cities without leaving a trace, or developing smarter energy management systems to cater for our expanding electric world.

Smart city electric mobility

Major cities offer a diverse range of transport options for personal mobility: car sharing, alternative vehicles and a wide range of public transport options, including subways, trams, buses, taxis and rental bicycles and scooters. The aim is to make moving between different types of transport as “frictionless” as possible. This is known as “intermodal” mobility. Electric vehicles have become a feature of many smart cities’ mobility planning as part of car sharing fleets. The basic idea is familiar: locate the vehicle via app, reserve, get in and drive off. The car is parked either at a station or somewhere in a business district. 

Our projects

Self-driving technology you can trust

At Volkswagen, we’re always looking for creative opportunities to innovate. That’s why we’re working with Argo AI to develop some of the most futuristic vehicles. Together we plan to implement first-class autonomous driving technology for self-driving vans.


As our first self-driving concept car, SEDRIC will act as the platform for autonomous Volkswagen cars of the future. SEDRIC can pick you up from work, drop the kids off at school, and do the grocery run - all at the press of a button. The spacious cabin can be used for relaxing with a movie on the high-resolution OLED screen, or you can choose to work using the inbuilt phone system and desk space. It’s changing the way we travel, offering improved safety, greater convenience and reduced road congestion.

It all begins with an idea

The cars you’ve just scrolled past all started as a concept. But as you know already, we never just stop there. We’re constantly dreaming, thinking, searching and designing new ways to push the boundaries on what’s possible in mobility. And we want you to be a part of our discovery.

Autonomous driving is
now a reality

Autonomous cars are no longer just reserved for Hollywood blockbusters and the imagination. Let’s take a look at the road to the future, through the five levels of autonomous driving.

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