Golf R
Feel the thrill

Acceleration 0-100km/h
4.8 (5.0) seconds1
Engine max. power
Engine max. torque
Fuel efficiency (Combined cycle)
7.2 (7.3) L/100km2

Feel the power of the Golf R

They say a lot of things about the Golf R. That it's potent at the throttle, with plenty of traction, grip and torque. That it's class-leading in space, interior, and all-round driver appeal. And that it’s the ultimate high-performance machine both on the streets and on the track. But those are all things better experienced than explained. Drive it for yourself. 

Feel the drive in the new Golf R Final Edition

Performance has never looked better as our most popular hot hatch is now available in three provocative colour concept special colours for a completely bespoke finish.