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The hatchbacks that have it all

They signal fun, practicality, versatility and freedom. For many, a hatch car will be the first car they will own. While for others, it will be the tried and trusted sidekick, ready to carry family and friends around town and beyond. Hatches come in all shapes and sizes, but few have the pedigree of Volkswagen’s iconic range, which has thrilled owners across the globe for generations. With the feel of a larger car, the manoeuvrability of a small car and smooth performance packed into the turbocharged engines, you’ll be off and away in no time. Five doors, one statement, powerful style.


The Polo is not just a pretty face – it's bigger and better than ever before. This hatch car features everything you could want in a Polo and more, like a powerful yet super-efficient engine, more room for your legs, head and luggage, and the very latest in safety features and technology. 

Polo GTI

The Polo GTI has the style, safety features and technology of the Polo you love, with GTI performance under the hood. With state-of-the-art design, cutting-edge technology and an engine that packs a serious punch, you'll find this small hatchback car a thrill to drive.


The Golf's constantly evolving nature has seen timeless beauty pair harmoniously with innovative technology for 48 years. With semi-autonomous driving, internal digitalization and striking design improvements, this next generation hatch car just raised the bar, again.

Sport Hatchback

Golf GTI

Same blood-pumping, spine-tingling, heart-racing thrills since 1976. Welcome to the future of the iconic hot sport hatchback, where cutting-edge performance meets uncompromising functionality. Complete with a full digital revamp and fitted with the state-of-the-art safety systems of IQ.DRIVE1, the GTI promises an unforgettable driving experience.

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