High angle view of pomelo yellow Volkswagen Golf with woman standing through sunroof of car and man jumping next to open door.

The everyday

Engine max. power
Engine max. torque
Fuel efficiency (Combined cycle)
5.8-6.0 L/110km1
Luggage capacity
374 Litres
The evolution of fun

Ready to escape the 9-5? Jump into the new Golf 8 and experience a drive that takes you out of everyday life and into a world less ordinary. The winner of Drive Car of the Year 2021 Best Small Car, with semi-autonomous driving, unparalleled performance and striking new design, this icon was made to have fun. To make an enquiry contact a dealer near youOpens an external link or search stock.Opens an external link

Woman walking past mera in foreground with rear view of Volkswagen Golf in background.

Born to stand out

With its bold new design lines and perfected propositions, the new Golf 8 takes style and class to a whole new level and is anything but everyday.

Wide image of Volkswagen Golf interior in the dark, lit by neon lights and ambient lighting.

A bold new landscape

Say meh to the mundane with our new innovision cockpit, the revolutionary answer to the world of switches, buttons and controls that puts a world of fun right at your fingertips.

Available on Life or R-Line only

Man jumping high with pomelo yellow Volkswagen Golf parked in background.

Filled with life

Packed with exciting new features and the latest tech, the new Golf is filled with reasons to break out of your routine and start a new adventure.

Plan your escape

The Golf is currently impacted by delivery delays for built to order configurations. Speak to your local dealershipOpens an external link about placing your order or search available stockOpens an external link. For more information about the delays please refer to our FAQ's page.Opens an external link

COVID-19 impact on Golf delivery

The Golf is currently impacted by delivery delays for built to order configurations. Speak to your local dealershipOpens an external link about placing your order or search available stockOpens an external link. For more information about the delays please refer to our FAQ's page.Opens an external link

That looks fun

An evolutionary styling of a design classic, the new Golf looks exciting, because it is.

Visibly dynamic, undeniably Golf

The new Golf knows how to make a first impression. From the sharp character line along the side profile, to the sporty, low air intake front grille, every element is considered, as you’d expect with a Golf.

Unparalleled performance

Front right quarter profile image of Volkswagen Golf.

The torque of the town

Forget average with effortless performance and superior efficiency with the 1.4 litre turbocharged TSI petrol engine with a high torque output of up to 250Nm.

Close up of driver pushing automatic shifter in Volkswagen Golf.

Taking things up a gear

In the new Golf, more is less. With a 6-speed manual transmission and 8-speed automatic transmission, the high number of gears allows for optimum engine speed distribution and reduced fuel consumption.

Arrive safe and in style with IQ.DRIVE

With IQ. DRIVE, the new Golf features a comprehensive suite of driver assistance systems at your back.2


An assistant you can count on

The new Golf puts your safety in the spotlight. Using a multi-function camera and radar, your semi-autonomous assistant can ensure you stay within lane markings, monitor potential collisions and even adapt your speed to traffic situations.2

Smooth moves

Impress friends, family and the occasional pedestrian as you glide into tricky parallel and right-angle spots with ease. Using the rear-view camera and semi-automated Park Assist’s sensors, the new Golf can do the manoeuvring for you while you focus on the pedals.2

Protective by nature 

Keeping people safe is all a part of the Golf’s nature. With the ability to detect hazards, the new safety systems can support you in critical situations, activate protective mechanisms to tighten seatbelts and roll the windows up, or even bring the vehicle to a stop.2

Technology that gets you

It's not magic, but it's close. The new Golf is an icon re-energised, with an expanded range of innovative technology and seamless connectivity that makes every driving experience feel effortless. 

Touch controls, escaping your everyday has never been easier.

The revolutionary digitalisation of the Golf pairs the Digital Cockpit Pro and the 10” Discover Pro Navigation System into the all-new Innovision Cockpit. Offering an exceptional range of functions behind simple touch controls, your playlists, DAB+ digital radio, directions and controls are all just a tap away.

Available on Life or R-Line only

Extras optional. Excitement guaranteed.

For a car that’s born to stand out, adding extras is part of the fun. Evolve the new Golf 8 in your own way with a selection of optional packages designed to give you the ultimate driving experience.

Lead the way

Escape the everyday in style with the optional built-in Head-Up display - an illuminated view of your speedometer, turn signals and driver assistance information projected on the inside of the windscreen.
Optional with sound and vision package at extra cost.

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