New Golf
Always evolving, forever a classic 

Engine max. power
Engine max. torque
Fuel efficiency (Combined cycle)
5.8-6.0 L/110km2
Luggage capacity
381 Litres

Outside evolution, inside revolution

The Golf's constantly evolving nature has seen timeless beauty pair harmoniously with innovative technology for 46 years. With semi-autonomous driving, internal digitalization and striking design improvements, this next generation just raised the bar, again. The Golf is arriving in May but you can pre-order  to secure yours today or register your interest.

Born to stand out

They say nobody’s perfect, but there’s always room for exceptions. The new Golf takes the outstanding and improves it, with perfected proportions and bold new design lines.

Overseas model shown, local specifications may vary

A bold new landscape

Clean, sleek, innovative and that’s just the outside. Inside, you’ll find the new digital landscape, the revolutionary answer to the world of switches, buttons and controls that puts everything you need at your fingertips with effortless touch controls.

Ready for your world

It’s rare to find a car so versatile that it fits the bill for every driver on the road, but that’s exactly what the Golf is. Every detail and function has been carefully considered to make sure it looks great on every driveway and performs well on every highway.  

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A moving masterpiece