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About Volkswagen

About Volkswagen.

Volkswagen in Australia.

Volkswagen hit the road in Australia in 1953 with the arrival of the very first Beetle. Since then we’ve clocked up a lot of Ks and passed many milestones - from the Passat winning Wheels Magazine car of the year way back in 1974, through launching the new look Beetle in 2000 and on to selling more than 600,000 vehicles right across the country. We’re far from reaching the end of the road though. Volkswagen is proud of its history in Australia and is focused on developing new models, services and technologies to help Australians enjoy their driving experience.

A history of turning heads.

Over the decades Volkswagen has been responsible for some of the most loved and original vehicles in the history of motoring. There are two that tower over all others.

A motoring icon

The Beetle

Developed in 1946 the original Beetle Type 1 was known affectionately as the Pretzel due to the divided rear window. From that humble start right up to the impressive new 2016 edition, no other car can lay claim to being an icon in quite the same way as the Volkswagen Beetle. More than 22 million Beetles have been sold all around the world. And it continues to turn heads just as it did when it debuted.

A retro classic

The Kombi

When it comes to character and quirkiness no other vehicle comes close to the classic Volkswagen Kombi. Think surfboards on the roof, spare tyre on the front and a mattress in the back. The Kombi’s snub-nosed glory is celebrated around the world. Festivals are even held every year in Europe, where passionate owners, gather to celebrate its cult status. The Transporter, Multivan and Caravelle continue Volkswagen’s proud tradition of vans.

Experience necessary.

You can sit back and enjoy reading about the joy of driving a Volkswagen, but there really is only one way to truly understand it. That’s why we’ve created a number of great driving experiences so you know just what it feels like to get behind the wheel of a Volkswagen.

Thrills and skills

Volkswagen Driving Experience

If you’re pretty confident behind the wheel and you’ve always wanted to improve your driving skills and learn a few advanced driving techniques along the way, then the Volkswagen Driving Experience might be right up your street. It takes place in an exciting race track environment where you’ll receive expert instruction and put what you learn into practice on the track.

Take it to the limit

Spirit of Amarok

Want to feel the earth move? The Spirit of Amarok Australia is a professionally designed driving skills challenge on one of Australia’s most demanding 4WD proving grounds. It gives you and a mate the chance to jump into a Volkswagen Amarok and put yourselves to the test in a series of rugged 4WD activities. If you’re good enough you could represent Australia at the Spirit of Amarok International Finals.

The 2017 event has been run and won. To register your interest for the 2018 Spirit of Amarok Australia Event.