Model launches

Volkswagen circles the wagons

Model launches

Volkswagen circles the wagons


SUVs comprise some 65 per cent of new vehicles sales. So, no-one wants a wagon anymore, right?

Volkswagen respectfully disagrees.

Of all the current variants returning after the backlog of WLTP compliance tests, the Passat 206 TSI 4MOTION R-line Wagon is the brand’s most eagerly awaited.

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Arriving as the Golf R 7.5 Wagon is all but sold-out, and with the Mark 8 not available until early 2022, the Passat 206 TSI gives the German brand’s customers a capacious and dynamically highly capable wagon.

While Volkswagen can offer a full range of SUVS – T‑Cross, T‑Roc, Tiguan and Touareg – it has also re-built its wagon range.

In addition to the Passat range of wagons – 162TSI, Alltrack and Alltrack Premium, 206 R-line – Volkswagen will shortly introduce the Golf 8 Wagon.

This is followed by two new Shooting Brake variants of the Arteon – 140 TSI and 206 TSI 4MOTION R-Line. The Mark 8 Golf R Wagon arrives early next year with the Tiguan R, followed by the T‑Roc R.

Volkswagen’s Manager of Product and Services, Jeff Shafer, says the latter emphasises the continued role of wagons in Volkswagen showrooms.

“Wagons remain important to Volkswagen customers,” he says. “We’re not suggesting that these vehicles will sell in Tiguan numbers, but there remains an expectation that Volkswagen can supply a lower-riding alternative – especially in high-specification, fast, 4MOTION form.”

With even greater storage capacity than the best-selling Tiguan R-line – and with a more powerful tune of the EA888 2.0-litre turbo four running through all four wheels – the Passat R-line 206 is seen also as a “larger and more comfortable Golf R”.

“These aspects are helping sell it to the state police forces in factory built Proline form,” Mr Shafer said.

“Almost 600 Passats of all types are already placed with police services and hundreds more on order to replace less responsive and dynamically average vehicles from other brands in general duties use. The 206TSI Proline is attracting increased interest for highway patrol and special duties deployment."

“There can be no better endorsement than that of our front line police officers. It’s great to have this car back.”

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