Crafter van hero image
Crafter van hero image
Crafter van hero image

Caddy Van

Load length
1,779 - 2,249mm
Load volume
3.2 - 4.2m³
Load width
1,532 - 1,556mm
725 - 842kg

Experts in any field

We know what you put in, so we’re helping you get the most out of your business with the Caddy Van. From florists to sparkies, no matter your trade, the Caddy is functional, comfortable and versatile, and can be adapted to work for you. 

Your perfect workplace

The Caddy Van offers the perfect workplace for your trade, seat configurations, vehicle lengths, and customisable features. Choose from 3 variants: the standard 2 seater Caddy Van and Caddy Maxi Van as well as the 5 seater Caddy Maxi Crewvan.

Just right for you

The Caddy Van comes in two different vehicle sizes: short wheelbase and long wheelbase, which we call the Caddy Maxi Van. The short wheelbase is 4,408mm long with a height of 1,823mm and a load compartment length of 1,779mm. The Caddy Maxi Van is 4,878mm in length, 1,836mm in height and has a load compartment length of 2,249mm.

Safety first

To make sure that you and your passengers are protected every trip, the Caddy is equipped with various safety and driver assistance systems.

Protected left, right and centre

The Caddy has airbags for the driver and front passenger. Side and head airbags offer the occupants the best possible protection in the event of head-on and side impacts.