Couple walking away from parked Volkswagen Passat Alltrack in Australian bush.

New Passat Alltrack
The adventurous all-rounder

Online order available

Passat Alltrack shown in Pure White is unavailable for model year 2022.

Online order available

Engine max. power
Engine max. torque
Fuel efficiency (Combined cycle)
8.1 L/100km2
Luggage capacity
650 Litres

You’ve earnt this

You know it’s time to reset when life becomes a little chaotic. From all the long hours at work to kids’ birthday parties, you and the family deserve to escape the frantic day-to-day and immerse yourselves in the great outdoors. With smarter safety, premium comfort and a powerful engine, that’s what the new Passat Alltrack is made for.

Rear of Volkswagen Passat Alltrack driving on dirt road.
Passat Alltrack shown in Pure White is unavailable for model year 2022.

Adapts to your world

The new Passat Alltrack has been engineered to be with you on every adventure. So, whether it’s the ski fields or the school run, you can take on any trip in confidence.

Front of Volkswagen Passat Alltrack with doors and boot open..
Passat Alltrack shown in Pure White is unavailable for model year 2022.

At home in any backdrop

Every new destination feels like home when you’ve got everything you need inside the new Passat Alltrack. It’s how driving should feel.

Couple using infotainment system inside Passat Alltrack.

Cruise into every adventure

A little help here and there never goes amiss, especially on those longer trips. Luckily with the Passat Alltrack’s IQ.DRIVE safety systems at your back, you can enjoy every minute of every trip.

Customise and order your Passat Alltrack

Build your perfect Passat Alltrack today. Don’t want to wait? Search StockOpens an external link near you or contact a dealerOpens an external link to find out more.

COVID-19 impact on Passat delivery

The Passat is currently impacted by delivery delays for built to order configurations. Good news is you still can order your Passat online to get it as soon as possible. Can't wait? Search available stockOpens an external link or speak to your local dealerOpens an external link. For more information about the delays please refer to our FAQ's page.Opens an external link

Top performer in the outdoors

With the performance and drive found in the new Passat Alltrack, you’ll be tempted to take every drive that little bit further.

Rear quarter of Volkswagen Passat Alltrack on dirt road.
Passat Alltrack shown in Pure White is unavailable for model year 2022.

Essential for every getaway

Our 4MOTION all-wheel-drive technology will ensure maximum grip and stability for a drive up the coast or just down the road. When used alongside Adaptive Chassis Control, your new Passat Alltrack will automatically respond to road conditions.

Front of Volkswagen Passat Alltrack driving on freeway road.
Passat Alltrack shown in Pure White is unavailable for model year 2022.

A powerful contender

Imagine a weekend getaway supported by a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with 162kW of power and 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. Nothing else compares.

Made for wide open spaces

When you’ve got a full day of things to check off, the last thing you need is a standard, uncomfortable ride. The new Passat Alltrack sports a spacious interior and dynamic styling with familiar convenience, reliability and comfort.

Steals the view

Who says you can’t explore and look good at the same time? With fresh, flowing contours, the new Passat Alltrack displays an expressive and self-assured appearance that looks at home on any road, track or landscape.

Safer everyday with IQ.DRIVE

The new Passat Alltrack features a comprehensive suite of driver assistance systems that has your back. 3

Help you can count on

Safety comes first in the new Passat Alltrack. Using a multi-function camera and radar, your semi-autonomous assistant, Travel Assist, can ensure you stay within lane markings, monitor potential collisions and even adapt your speed to traffic situations.3

Tight spot? Not to worry.

Parking will be a lot easier than you think. Impress friends, family and the occasional pedestrian as you easily glide into tricky parallel and right-angle spots with Park Assist. 360° Area View is also available on the Premium version so you don’t get any surprises when you’re parking.3

Always on the lookout

Keeping people safe is all a part of the new Passat Alltrack. Front Assist and Proactive Occupant Protection are systems that detect hazards and activate protective mechanisms to tighten seatbelts, roll the windows up or even bring the car to a stop.3

Convenient technology for everyone

Wherever you’re going and whoever you’re driving, the new Passat Alltrack features the latest intuitive and easy-to-use tech that’ll satisfy both the driver and passenger.

Light the way

The IQ.Light LED matrix headlights make night time driving safer and more comfortable. So the next time you’re out late, you can drive with complete confidence.
Standard on Premium only

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