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With Volkswagen Genuine Parts® you know you’re getting high quality parts made to the exact specifications of your car to ensure it stays 100% Volkswagen.

We use the parts that come installed in new Volkswagens so even after repair or maintenance work, your car is still 100% original. For added confidence, Genuine Parts come with a 2 year warranty.

Specially made for Volkswagens

Genuine Brakes

Brakes are among the hardest working parts of your car. That's why brake pad replacement and maintenance is crucial to your safety. Our brakes are specifically made to suit your car.

Genuine batteries

Our Genuine Batteries are specifically designed for Volkswagens to prevent breakdowns. With our products, you’ll reap the benefits of both quality and functionality.

The engine is what drives your car. Discover the parts that are extremely important for your mobility like toothed belts and gears, brakes, shock absorbers and other parts of the chassis.

Tyre knowledge & care

Discover an array of information on tyres including our handy best practice guides to keep the tyres on your Volkswagen vehicle on the road for longer. 

Genuine filters

What’s so important about the air filter? It supports the precise injection of the fuel/air mixture – an absolute must for efficient combustion, maximum engine performance and low fuel consumption. Enjoy the benefits of Genuine filters, even in Australia’s most diverse weather conditions and driving environments.

Windscreen wipers 

Even when there’s four seasons in one day our wipers help to keep your eyes on the road. UV rays, dirt and extreme temperatures can affect the condition of your blades, so remember to change them when recommended to ensure full vision.


AdBlue is a liquid solution used by some diesel engines to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions. Just like other fluids, it needs to be topped up.

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Every Volkswagen deserves the best, which is why we created a network of Approved Repairers, each with the latest training, information and technology to deliver the highest possible standard in repairs.

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