Genuine Filters
Our filters protect your Volkswagen against dirt, harmful substances and contaminants

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

What’s so important about the air filter? It supports the precise injection of the fuel/air mixture – an absolute must for efficient combustion, maximum engine performance and low fuel consumption. Enjoy the benefits of Genuine filters, even in Australia’s most diverse weather conditions and driving environments.

Air & pollen filters 

Whether it's air or pollen our genuine filters can stop harmful substances from getting into your engine and cabin.

Benefit for your Volkswagen

  • Protects against fine dust, pollen, soot, allergens and aerosols.
  • Keeps your car's cabin dust and soot free, reducing fatigue and improving concentration.
  • Prevents the growth of mould and bacteria in your air conditioning.

Oil filters

The oil quality and performance of your engine is maintained by oil filters.

Benefit for your Volkswagen

  • Ensures your car's engine running as it should by keeping the oil clean.

Volkswagen Filter FAQs

Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel Particulate Filters capture and store exhaust soot to reduce emissions from diesel cars. They need to be maintained for your car to stay healthy.

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