Vehicle Delivery Delays

We all know good things come to those who wait, but, when it comes to your dream vehicle. it’s natural to want it sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, industries across the world are facing stock shortages due to two significant reasons.

The first issue is related to a shortage of a chip called a semi-conductor that goes into most modern technology including your phone, tablet, games consoles and cars. The second, is that due to COVID-19, governments across the world have had to bring in restrictions causing temporary factory closures, setting global production further back and disrupting the global supply chain on some of your favourite Volkswagen vehicles.

We’re trying our best to secure as many microprocessors as possible, so the good news is that when your Volkswagen is ready, you’ll know it’s still using the best parts to give you complete confidence on the road. Existing stockOpens an external link is still available to buy so if you can’t wait for a custom-build car, talk to a dealerOpens an external link to see if they have your dream car already waiting.

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Covid-19 semi-conductor shortage
The impact on Volkswagen
Production delays
Collection delays
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Semi-conductor shortage and factory closures

Most electronics today are built with semi-conductors, also known as microprocessors, which are small devices that control how technology works. There’s currently a shortage of these semi-conductors with further delays brought on by COVID-19 and factory closures.

The impact on Volkswagen

All modern cars across the world are reliant on semi-conductors. These are currently hard to come by, but the good news is that Volkswagen dealers across Australia have existing stockOpens an external link that is available to order online and safely pick up from your preferred dealer.Opens an external link

Production delays

Different countries are facing different restrictions and quarantine regulations. As Volkswagen’s are manufactured across Europe and America, your car could take a little longer to arrive at your dealership. Read on for more information.

Collection delays

With COVID-19 causing production delays across every industry, we’ve tried to help answer any questions you might have about the build of your Volkswagen.

Parts & service

Although production is gradually returning to normal, spare parts have also been impacted by delays. Read on to find out more.

More information

With the world gradually returning to normal, you’ll have the keys to your Volkswagen in no time. If you need more information, the following links can help

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